Wednesday, January 31, 2007

short evening update...

Met with the Neurologist tonight. He showed us the CT scan. The body is such an amazing thing. It was really wild to see the "shift". The doctor really cant determine anything right now until the swelling comes down. He said that this could be another week. At least that is the hope. In the mean time, we just wait and hope that it doesnt increase anymore. More in the morning...

nice family time....

The morning started off pretty tough. The nurse called again this morning saying that they were struggling with keeping dads numbers down again. They did another CT scan and found new bleeding, but that is due to the procedure of putting the "dipstick" back in. They were not as concerned about that as they were the elevated ICP. The ICP would be fine when they let the drain work, but when they clamped it off, which they have to do so that dad can heal, the ICP would go back up to 20+....That was early this morning....a little later ( around 9:30) we were able to go back and see dad and he was better. His ICP was sitting around 18 which is good and this was when it was clamped. He was also ready for his next dose of Manittol which helps with the swelling and they were not going to give that to him unless he needed it...basically, if his numbers stay down, there is no need to medicate him. This was great news compared to the hopeless feeling that we had this morning.

After the new news, my mom wanted us kids (Kelli, Jason, myself, Anna, Joe) to go eat breakfast take a break from these 4 walls for a while. We all went over to Hall's and really had a good time together. We got mom laughing quite a bit! It was very nice.

Now we are just waiting...second by second.

Thanks again for your continued pray and support. Your comments are so encouraging to us! It helps carry us through to know that you all are there, thinking, praying, supporting and doing all the things that you all have!


Tuesday, January 30, 2007

stressful, roller coaster day....

today was tough. as andy mentioned earlier in the last post, things started to get hairy in the middle of the night. as a reminder, yesterday, they put in a new icp monitor and the goal is to keep the icp number 20 and below. today, most of the day, the icp number was in the mid 20s to mid 30s. there was an attempt to get the number down with medications, but they did not work. the doctor came in and told us that he is "concerned" -- which obviously concerned us.

after a day of high numbers, the doctor decided to try to put a drain back in dad's head. this was a "last effort". the drain was put in and the procedure was successful. this took the icp number down to 8. we were told that the drain is a temporary measure and that we can't rely on it for very long. the doctor said that he will come in tomorrow morning and see how things are going. last checked, 8:30pm or so, dad's icp was around 16 -- however, that was with the drain clamped shut. we need dad to be able to keep the pressure under control without the drain, so this part is good.

he has a second blood clot. this is also a concern. his blood pressure continues to be an issue. they do have his fever under control. please pray that his icp numbers can stay under control without the help of the drain. pray for mom, as she is weary -- especially with these roller coaster days. other than the day we came in for the original trauma, today was the most difficult, tiring, and stressful day yet. we know that God sustains us and we believe it, some days are just harder than others. thank you for your continued prayers and encouragement.

rough night....

Its been a rough night. It started around 2 am when i went in to check on my dad. When i went into the room, i noticed that his respiration was off. I believe that they have his machine set at 13 and we was hitting the 30s and the 40s. It seemed as if he was fighting the machine. I also noticed that his ICP was sitting between 20 and 25. I know my dad...i could just tell something wasnt right. I told the nurse, and they told me that they were going to suction his mouth because he had been coughing and take a look at him. I came back out to the waiting room and finally got to sleep about 3:30 am. I was then awoke by the phone in the lounge at about 4:30 by the nurse, telling me that they have had issues with dads ICP all night and they were concerned. They took him to get a CT scan to find out what the problem was and had given him more Mannitol, but the ICP didnt really come down. The doctor came in this morning around 10:15 and was very concerned with his numbers. He said that all they can do right now is continue to give him medications and watch him. The CT scan came back better than it was the other day. They just dont know what is going on. Please continue to pray for dad...pray that his ICP will get and stay below 20. Pray that his fever will go down. Pray that his mind will rest...Pray for my mom. Mom need a "peace that passes all understanding". Thank you for your continued prayer. I will update you later today.


Monday, January 29, 2007

a new dipstick...

dr. young came in this morning and decided that a new ICP monitor should be put in. he wanted to be able to monitor what was going on with the brain a little closer again. he said that there wasn't really any change one way or the other this weekend from what he can see. his numbers (blood pressure, etc) have been pretty stable. doc reminded us again not to focus on the numbers....he said it will "drive us bonkers". mom and i talked this morning and thought it would be good to spend the day praising God that dad has made it this long and that he has already overcome a lot of obsticles this week. thanks for your prayers and comments, they are very encouraging to us.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

" takes a long time..."

we were reminded again today about how long the healing process takes. the doctor told us that he would prefer to sedate dad further again because he feels that his body is not ready yet. we will try to ween him off of the sedation meds in a couple of days. dad's blood pressure is still elevated at times and his respiration is up and down. it is difficult to have to wait especially after living off of a "high" of improvement like yesterday. pray for patience and endurance. pray that mom continues to stay healthy as most of us have already been sick at one point or another. thanks again for your constant love and support. we do sense the Spirit because of your prayers.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

quiet night....

Its a quiet nite. I'm on the couch in the ICU lounge typing, my mom is reading all of the comments that have been left and gaining great encouragement and my sister Kelli is reading the "guest log" and also gaining great encouragement. Your love and your prayers have definitely carried us in times that we can not walk on our own. Thank you for your encouraging words and your prayers. Please continue writing as it is something we look forward to daily! You all mean the world to us. Dad is resting. His blood pressure is staying stable. Mom is getting ready to go to sleep after she goes in to visit dad and kelli will head to bed as well. Joe will be strolling in here any minute to help me cover the "3rd shift". I will give you more of an update tomorrow morning.


positive update!

We got the results back from the CT scan and got good news. The scan didnt show any aparent bleeding, just "residual" blood. With that information, the doctors decided to remove the ICP sensor...or in laymans terms...the dipstick that he had in his head. Although, still considered "critical" this brings us great hope! They are hoping that they can get him to open his eyes in the next few days. Please pray for several specific things: please pray that his blood pressure will stay down (its a bit elivated right now but is ok given the circumstance), please pray that dads fever will go down ( the temp could be a direct result of misinformation from the brain due to the swelling) because right now it is 102.2. Please pray for his left arm, this is swelling due to a clot in the clavical. Pray that the clot will fizzle away on its own. Pray for dads heart...that it will stay strong thru all of this stress and pain on his body. Pray for dads neck, as it is still broken and needs healing. Continue to pray that dads brain get healthy. Thank you for your continued prayer...we will continue to update you as we know more. God is good!

Morning message from mom...

Good Morning family and friends,

We have now passed the 1 week time period and my Jim is still with us. Praise God. In the beginning, they didn’t think he would make it through the night. God is good all the time.

There are no words to express our family’s thankfulness for all of you holding us up this week, in prayer and comfort. It has been a blanket of love that has kept us warm and together

I’d like to tell you that through all this support and prayer, I’ve stayed strong and encouraged, and for the most part, I have felt that. But, in my weakest, scariest moments He’s allowed me to see how my own strength will never be enough to sustain my life or my husbands. I am totally dependent on Him. I shake at the thought of what is ahead. I want to be the strong wife and mom, just like the women in pioneer days who toiled day and night through rough terrain, horrible weather, attacks and setbacks…..but, during these times, I am not. I am a pile of jelly. But God…..

Although I would never wish this experience on anyone…I will always treasure the path we’ve walked with all of you by our side. It has been a sweet, sweet time in so many ways….like a glimpse of heaven. But keeping it real, it’s also like walking through the fires of hell. I watch my kids faces each time the phone rings in this ICU waiting room and see the strain. But when things are calm and the numbers our good, the laughter, warmth and common shared stories are rich with God’s grace and a little of what heaven must be like.

Some of you know I dabble in writing. I’ve been encouraged to write because God has seen fit to give me constant writing material. Pray I will be sensitive to God’s guidance in using this experience to share his grace and love with others. I’ve had the awesome privilege of having my oldest friend, Merrie with me from Florida. She goes home today. My grandkids, including Tyler from Arizona is with me, My sister Becky, from Albuquerque arrived last night….and not the least, all my immediate family.

Ok, here are a few prayer requests that are on my heart: That we have a good cat scan result today. That numbers will stay steady. That I will see his eyes soon. Also, please pray for Hansen Fitness and Dale Hansen, my place of employment. He has been ever so kind and understanding about the past few weeks and my absence, as well as some of my family who work for him. May God bless his business.

Take care, keep praying and writing …we love you all.


quick morning update...1/27/2007

I have to apologize for not getting an update to you last night. When we do not get updates here, I forget to update you all on this. Mom went in early to see dad. They said he had a good night. His numbers stayed low and stable. They did a CT scan this morning and we will not get any results until later this afternoon. I will definatly give you an update when that comes back. They are trying to wien dad back off of some of the medication. If the CT scan comes back well, then they will wien him off of the sedation meds. Mom had a good night sleep. Her sister Becky came in from New Mexico last night as well as her grandson, Tyler from Arizona. I will let you know as I know more!


Friday, January 26, 2007

still the same...

met with the Dr. Young this morning...he said that there was nothing new to report. His hope was that if Dad stays stable over the weekend, then he will get a CT scan on Monday. If his CT scan comes back better, then they will start backing off on some of the meds. This seems like a lot of if's, but to be honest, this is the most positive news (even if it is all based on if's) that we have heard so far. The doctor repeated as he frequently has that dad is as sick as he can be with still having hope. Please pray that dad stays stable this weekend. Pray also that we will see improvement in his CT scan on Monday.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

in case you didn't know....

James Thomas Maley. He was born on June 17, 1941. He has 2 brothers, Pat & Roy. He married my mother in Aug. of 1970. Wow! I can't believe that my mom and dad have been married 37 years! I am sooo thankful for that. Dad has attended Blackhawk Church for almost 30 years where he has served in many areas. He has been in the construction industry ever since I can remember; from having a large company (Maley & Sons/MSI Coatings) to owning a home inspection business ( ABC Home inspections.), and has touched many lives with the creativity of him mind and his hands.
My dad is the most intelligent, witty, caring, kindhearted, compassionate, loving, generous man I know. My dad loves my mom more than words could ever express. He would do ANYTHING for her. My dad greatly loves his kids and grandkids and longs to have them around. He would do anything to help us succeed in life. He loves the Lord and has taught us kids in the way that is right. My dad is a little strong-willed, very strong-willed, but so gentle and tender as well. There is no father like my father anywhere, anyplace.
Often we get so busy in our own lives and forget to tell the people we love what they really mean to us: Dad, I love you so very much. You are and always have been an example of how I want to be as I get older; passionate, loving, caring, giving, devoted, the list goes on! I hope that I make you proud as a son and pray that I can be half the man that you are! I love you with my whole heart.

some things to pray for..

it looks like a little bit of pnemonia is in dad's chest. they are planning on going in with a scope and clearing it out. also, his hand is a bit swollen and looks like possible infection. we were told that the brain swelling can cause this, but infection can also. it's a little tense, so pray for peace.

morning update 01/25/2007...

"Still very critical but stable"...There hasn't been a huge change from yesterday. We spoke with Dr. Young this morning who gave us the results of the CT scan...he said that there was no huge change worthy of going back in right now and removing more blood or brain matter. He reminded us that this is a long road, "a marathon, not a sprint", to be patient and keep hope. As we are on the sixth day, our bodies are wearing, stress levels go up and patience wears thin. Please continue to pray for endurance. Pray that mom will stay healthy. Continue to pray for healing for dad...pray that the intercranial pressure (ICP) will go down dramatically. Again we want to thank all of you for supporting our family in all the many ways that you have. We couldn't stand without all of your support. Your prayers for us are definatly being felt! We love all of you and hope to update you more later.


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

morning update 1/24/2007....

"Nothing new to report" were the words from Dr. Youngs mouth this morning. Dads ICP was standing around 17-21 thru this morning. His CPP number has been around 80. These are where the doctor would like them. Dr. Young said that they would run another CT scan today to see if there is any change, so we will wait. Mom didn't get a whole lot of sleep last night, but is managing well. More to come after the CT scan...

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

post from mom....

Dear Family, Friends and all of those who have lifted us in prayer

My heart is so full and so empty at the same time. Is that possible? This is a journey that is not familiar. I’m not sure how to do this. Thankfully, God the Father already knew this and gave all of you to me to help me find my way through it. There aren’t words that fully describe how thankful we all are to all of you for your prayers, food, notes, calls, emails, aspirin, blankets, bedding, numerous offers of help, babysitting, errands, etc. Everyone should be so loved.

Please know that Jesus has wrapped his loving arms around us and his angels to hold us up, through you. It is true,
It is “peace that passes all understanding”.

Jim would be so amazed about all of this fuss over him. But my darling husband would feel so loved. I am keeping a visiting journal of all who have stopped by and we will print out the blog messages to put with them. He will be so encouraged and blessed.

I have the greatest kids. They are strong, loving, protective of Jim and I and each other. Please pray for their hearts and physical stamina through this. Their faith is strong and they have given their father to our heavenly father but pray for more time with him.

Keep praying. If I can ask for a personal request that would make me feel so much better it would be this. I want to see my husband’s eyes and know he knows I am here.

Thank you all….and may God get the glory for all he is doing and may each and everyone of you be blessed for you love and kindness to us at this time and many others in our lives.

brief update...

we just went back for visiting time and dad's ICP number is hanging around 20-21....they have asked for us to keep the stimulation to him as little as possible. we have decided to keep the visitors back in his room to immediate family only. the doctor says that this is pretty "expected", but it makes its hard to accept when his levels stayed from 1-5 for so long. the CCP number is above 80, so this is positive. pray that the swelling goes down.

rough morning...

Got up this morning at around 5:30 am and put a call in to the nurse's station to see if i could see my dad. The nurse got on the phone and told me that he would prefer me to wait a bit. He then proceeded to tell me that dads numbers got a little worse in the morning...about 5 am, dads ICP went a up to about 21. The ICP is the number that measures pressure in the head. Yesterday afternoon, dad's ICP was about 7. They would like to keep this number below 20. There is also another number that is used for measurment called the CPP (i think). They would like this number to stay above 50 and it also dropped below that number. The two numbers changing together caused for a little frightful moment. They gave dad something called "Mannitol" to bring his numbers back to "normal", and they did move a little. The last that i checked, dads ICP was down to 17 and his CPT was up to 56. We spoke with Dr. Young this morning after he checked on dad and he told us that dad is stable and his numbers are under control. He also told us to not be greatly alarmed by this...that in this first 72 hours, it is expected that dad have some swelling and it is possible to have this swelling for up to 2 weeks or so. There is quite a road ahead of us!
Mom slept thru all of this, thankfully and got almost 8 solid hours of sleep! She so needed it! Thanks you for your continued prayers...we will update you a little later


Monday, January 22, 2007

early evening babble....

I have loved reading all of the comments that have been made! You all have given us so much support, no words can say thanks enough. Dad is about the same tonight...pressure is up a little but not to the point of making the doctors worry. Dr. Young was able to remove the bandage on dads head and one of the drainage lines. He looks better today! Im sure that Jason will do a better update later...

One of the great things (and there have been many) that have come out of this is to be able to be with my brothers and sisters. Jason, Joe, Anna, Kelli and I (not in age order since Kelli is the oldest, then Jay, myself, Anna and Joe) have been taking shifts staying up here with mom. Mom has been hanging in here like a champ! Lynnette, April and Mike have been awesome as they walk beside each of us (their spouses). The grandkids...our children are just waiting for their grandpa to come home and start carving again. We all are not able to do any of this with out your prayers and support. Thanks again for all of your love for us and our father! Thanks for letting me babble tonight.

it's monday morning...

dr. young is back today (the one that did the surgery). dad's vitals are the same...the ICP (internal cranial pressure) is hanging around 7 or so and they said that any sustained number under 20 is good. there are some specific things that you can pray for outside of an overall miracle. please pray that infection or pnemonia doesn't set in (evidently, there is a pretty high chance of this the longer time goes on). also pray that there ar no blood clots as a result of laying down so long.. we were reminded again that this is/will be a very long process. thanks for lifting us up.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

still the same.....

well, it's 11:45 p.m...things are much the same. dad is stable as far as "vitals" go. it is pretty quiet and peaceful up here right now. it is difficult to wait and wait and wait, but i try to remember that no negative steps back is something to be thankful for. it has been about 52 hours since the completion of the surgery and the most critical time is the first 72 hours. we know that God is good and in control yet it is still not easy.....for now, we will wait.

spoke to the Dr....

Dr. Kachman called the family back to speak with us. he informed us that the CT from this morning shows that the trauma to the left frontal lobe has more damage to it because of the bruising -- extending back into the brain. we do not really even know what effect this may have, and he also said that it is expected. right now, there is no additional surgury planned for his brain, but they are very closely monitoring the swelling of his brain. The goal is to keep the swelling below a "20-25" and it is currently is at a "1-5". It has been at "1-5" since the begining, but they expect it to go up.