Monday, July 16, 2007

Hi Everyone,

I'm sorry I am just updating on Jim's Dr. visit but it's been a busy week and week-end.

We went to see Dr Young on Thursday and he advised us to continue the aspen brace on Jim's neck for another month. Healing is there but not complete. On August 13Th we will obtain a new ct scan to see if completed. If not, surgery may be in the works.

Jim had a great weekend for the most part. Kelli, Shannan and I took him to the Indy Canal and ate lunch overlooking the water. He liked it but did not like the walking. I then took him to Lenscrafter to get his lost glasses replaced. Another miracle thru the hands of generous people. Lenscrafter gave him new glasses and lens for free. I was so overwhelmed with their generosity and willingness to help. Obviously, with neither of us working, this helped a lot.

Jim and I have been given so many wonderful blessings, monetarily and otherwise, at just the right time of need. God is good and so are his people. In the beginning of Jim's accident. Several of you, whom I may never know your names, generously sent funds to help defray living expense cost. I wish I could tell you all how touched I have been by this but if you are one of these kind donaters, please accept our deepest thanks. Others of you have helped in many meaningful ways, again, at just the right time, whether by food, cards, words of encouragement, cleaning my house, mowing the lawn, painting....everything.

May you all be blessed in a mighty way by God the Father.

We are coming to an end of hospital life for now, going home is ahead. So many things have to be addressed my head is spinning, including trying to make a living or finding community or VA funds to help out.

Carving out a new life for Jim, I and our family will be a challenge but God has been so faithful, why should I doubt he will work it out.

As you pray for us, please give praise for all he has done and maybe add an extra prayer for strength for me.

Love to all,