Saturday, January 27, 2007

quiet night....

Its a quiet nite. I'm on the couch in the ICU lounge typing, my mom is reading all of the comments that have been left and gaining great encouragement and my sister Kelli is reading the "guest log" and also gaining great encouragement. Your love and your prayers have definitely carried us in times that we can not walk on our own. Thank you for your encouraging words and your prayers. Please continue writing as it is something we look forward to daily! You all mean the world to us. Dad is resting. His blood pressure is staying stable. Mom is getting ready to go to sleep after she goes in to visit dad and kelli will head to bed as well. Joe will be strolling in here any minute to help me cover the "3rd shift". I will give you more of an update tomorrow morning.



Anonymous said...

Hi Sue, Andy, Jason, Anna, Joe and Kelly...
It was such a blessing to see the outreach of people while I visited you many people who love the Maley family & more importantly love the Lord and are joining as one in praying for Jim's healing/recovery!!
Remember...the God of the mountain is still God in the valley!
I love each of you!

Bendi Schwartz

Anonymous said...

I wanted you to know that we too have been praying for Jim and your family. Unlike Sue, I am not a writer and didn't know how to put my heart in words. But after reading the blog tonight how these notes are encouraging you I felt complelled to write, finally! I'm sure there are sooooo many more praying that don't leave comments like me.

We know Jason and Lynette from Sunday School and MOPS. It wasn't till you added more pictures that I realized I know Jim. I had worked with him a few weeks one year painting the set of the Living Christmas tree. He had great ideas and made the work fun!

I can't imagine all that you are going through. I can empathize a little though since I was a nurse in the same ICU unit taking care of people like your Dad in the same situation.

I can tell you there is hope. Even when the doctors don't think there is. I've seen miracles still happen, and God is a God of miracles!

Still praying!

In God's love,

Gregg and Karen Salser

Anonymous said...

It is great news as we read the improvements of Jim and how your family is so supportive of each other. We will continue to pray for you and have our church pray for you again Wed night at our prayer meeting The Chapel of Christian Faith in Florida. Pete and Pam Miller

Anonymous said...

Hello Sue, Jason, Andy, Anna, Joe, kelly. Phyl and I have been online visiting you via this blog spot daily. We have been praying for Jim and for all of you. Great news today! It appears some stability has developed and there is no new bleeding. Jim is such a strong man and his will will carry him far. I miss seeing him having moved out of the neighborhood and on our Friday morning meetings. We have prayed for Jim often and especially now as our brother in Christ is under tremendous stress physically. We especially have been praying that even in the coma Jim can sense God's presence and that he can experience the peace that passes all understanding.
Marv Eastlund

J'Nelle said...

Hello, Maley Family,

My dad sent me an email about what happened to Jim, and I just finished reading the updates. As I've read, I've been amazed and encouraged by your strength in Christ. I can only imagine that I would find myself falling apart at the seams if in your shoes.

It's good to hear that all of you have bonded together so much, and at times like these, a big family must be a wonderful blessing.

I'll be praying, and my family is praying. In hardships, I have always prayed most for peace, and God has always come through in that.

I pray that Jim opens his eyes and recognizes you all very soon!

Thank you for keeping us updated with the site.

In Christ,
J'Nelle Hamilton

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys: I wasn't able to make it up yesterday and I so appreciate your web site. We continue to pray for Jim and all of you. I am contiually amazed at the out pouring of love for Jim and all of you. What a blessing. God is Good!!!! I will be stopping by today. Sally