Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hi all,

I thought I would give you faithful bloggers a quick update progress report.

We have been home over a week now and slowly finding our way into a new life. Jim is getting reacquainted with our house and yard and quickly realizing how much work can accumulate in six months time.

The first day or two, he insisted we get the weeds our of the front flower beds(not a small task) and out of the patio area. We also cleaned up the deck. The grass needed mowing and although the mower wasn't working, talked his brother into fixing it and mowed the back lawn by himself. He also cleaned some of the patio furniture.

He took it upon himself to do some of the laundry and sweep the living room. Needless to say, he was very tired each day.

Therapy is 3 times a week and starting next week, will add two more therapies. Appointments back in Indy start soon, so this is a busy time.

Although we are so grateful to be home, life has changed in many ways. Many decisions need to be made soon. But we will find our way as God leads.

Home never felt so good.

God bless to all.


Monday, July 23, 2007

HOME! Finally!

Wow! Does it feel good to be home. The week-end couldn't have gone better. Jim eased back into our new life at home as if he'd never been gone. Of course, life will not be the same as before due to Jim's memory and other changes. But, God will provide a new path for us and with time, we will find our way.

Sunday morning, Jim wanted to go to church to say hello to all his old friends. I knew it would be too much to attend the full hour but we did stop by and he gave lots of hugs to many dear friends.

As I sit here on Monday morning and look around to my house, I am visibly reminded of what 6 months of absence can do to a neglected home. Many things need to be done. Also, I have a ton of paperwork to get processed for Jim. Please pray that my mind will clear and I can focus on one thing at a time.

Jim will start speech therapy in Fort Wayne and many DR appts are ahead, here and in Indy.

We will find our way.

Although I have said this many times, please know I continue to ask God, My Father, to bless each of you for your faithfulness in praying for us and helping us thru this time.

We will probably discontinue the blog sometime soon. If you have any questions you'd like to ask or have anything on your heart for Jim or my family, feel free to write here or you can write me at maleysue@yahoo.com. Also, I have my personal blog for writing and sometimes update on Jim at (mariesue.blogspot.com)

God Bless and love to all,

Monday, July 16, 2007

Hi Everyone,

I'm sorry I am just updating on Jim's Dr. visit but it's been a busy week and week-end.

We went to see Dr Young on Thursday and he advised us to continue the aspen brace on Jim's neck for another month. Healing is there but not complete. On August 13Th we will obtain a new ct scan to see if completed. If not, surgery may be in the works.

Jim had a great weekend for the most part. Kelli, Shannan and I took him to the Indy Canal and ate lunch overlooking the water. He liked it but did not like the walking. I then took him to Lenscrafter to get his lost glasses replaced. Another miracle thru the hands of generous people. Lenscrafter gave him new glasses and lens for free. I was so overwhelmed with their generosity and willingness to help. Obviously, with neither of us working, this helped a lot.

Jim and I have been given so many wonderful blessings, monetarily and otherwise, at just the right time of need. God is good and so are his people. In the beginning of Jim's accident. Several of you, whom I may never know your names, generously sent funds to help defray living expense cost. I wish I could tell you all how touched I have been by this but if you are one of these kind donaters, please accept our deepest thanks. Others of you have helped in many meaningful ways, again, at just the right time, whether by food, cards, words of encouragement, cleaning my house, mowing the lawn, painting....everything.

May you all be blessed in a mighty way by God the Father.

We are coming to an end of hospital life for now, going home is ahead. So many things have to be addressed my head is spinning, including trying to make a living or finding community or VA funds to help out.

Carving out a new life for Jim, I and our family will be a challenge but God has been so faithful, why should I doubt he will work it out.

As you pray for us, please give praise for all he has done and maybe add an extra prayer for strength for me.

Love to all,

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

At last. Home!

The long awaited time is here. Six months and four days of hospitals, rehab and much answered prayer. Jim will be coming home to stay on July 23rd!

We can hardly believe it's going to happen. Much preparation for his homecoming will need to take place in the next week. The kids and I will do all we can to make it a smooth transition. I'm a little nervous, but very happy.

To God be the glory for all He has done. I am asking any of you who have faithfully traveled these last six months with us through this blog or otherwise, to consider writing and speaking your heart if God has used this journey to impact you or someone you know in any way. There are so many encouraging events that have taken place that I know it would encourage many others to have hope in difficult or impossible situations or maybe renew their hope in a faithful God.

You have all been arms of hope for our family. I pray I will someday be able to write down the many ways you were used to answer prayer or get us through a difficult day. When I look back to the beginning of this blog and see all of your responses to our prayer request I am so humbled.

Please join us in celebrating Jim's return home by thanking God for his mercies.

Tomorrow we go to Ft Wayne for a consult on Jim's broken neck. We will find out if it has healed or not.

I will update you then.


Monday, July 9, 2007

Success and a good time!

Jim went home for the first time on Saturday, in almost 6 months! This day has been a desire and a goal for such a long time it was almost surreal when we walked in the door. My dear husband was all smiles as he went through every room in our house as the memories flooded back. Home...something we all, or most, are privileged to go to everyday, but easy to take for granted when gone.

I quietly whispered thanksgiving as I heard him voice recognition of all that was once so familiar. Leaving the house and going to the back yard, he was in awe of how his plants and trees had grown taller since last year. Looking around to our neighbors, he remembered work he had done the year before on a neighbors house. He wanted to go over to say hello. Our surprised neighbor gave him a big hug and announced he would have more work waiting when he returned. Jim loved the idea.

The rest of the day was filled with family; kids, grand kids, my mom and sister. A good time was had by all.

The dreaded time to leave arrived and we said our goodbyes. Andy, our son, took us back to Indy on time and a very tired Jim seemed full and satisfied with his day. A new day of therapy would start early the next day.

God is so good, all the time.

I just wanted to share this moment with all of you faithful friends, family and prayer warriors.


Friday, July 6, 2007

It's been a good week for the most part. A few bumps in the road. Jim had his first outing Saturday. We went to Kelli's house in Indy and then just road around and listened to music for awhile. He seemed to enjoy it somewhat but is focused on home.

Saturday we will take him home,to Fort Wayne, for the first time in 6 months. We have a 10 hour pass. He is very happy to be going but not thrilled we have to go back. The kids will come to the house to visit and it will be a low key visit.

Again, please pray all will go well. So much depends on this for future visits.

He has surpassed his goals in therapy and continues to improve. God is so good.

May you all be richly blessed for your kindness to all of us.


Monday, July 2, 2007

Another week

Well, we have been at Hook for 5 days. It has been an adjustment but everyone has been good to us. Therapy has been stepped up and Jim is busy most of the day. But the weekend is very quiet in comparison, and pretty boring for him. Although, Sunday was fun for him. Steve Korn, an old friend of ours, now living in Arizona, and his sister Linda and his mom, visited with Jim and I. (Hi Helen!. Thank you for all your support) Also, our son Andrew and his family came a little later. Jim loves seeing all of them. He REALLY enjoyed that.

Jim entertained all. It was good to see him laugh.

There are two thing you could all pray for this week. One, Jim should be getting a cat scan of his neck by the end of the week. If it is not healed, surgery may be his last hope. The other is, it is possible he will have his first pass to go out with me on the week-end. This is exciting, but a little scary, too.

I will let you know how it all goes. (Hello to all at the VA, Parkview and St Joe)