Friday, January 26, 2007

still the same...

met with the Dr. Young this morning...he said that there was nothing new to report. His hope was that if Dad stays stable over the weekend, then he will get a CT scan on Monday. If his CT scan comes back better, then they will start backing off on some of the meds. This seems like a lot of if's, but to be honest, this is the most positive news (even if it is all based on if's) that we have heard so far. The doctor repeated as he frequently has that dad is as sick as he can be with still having hope. Please pray that dad stays stable this weekend. Pray also that we will see improvement in his CT scan on Monday.


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Jim's Family,

My prayers are with you along with my little ones praying for at each meal, before bed, and on the way to school. The Holy Spirit has kept you strong I noticed a few nights ago, and Jim- I could see living proof that you have a priceless family that loves you beyond belief. May God protect you with His Armor.

The Gallagher Family

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Hi Aunt Sue and all of my cousins. I want you to know I've been praying for Uncle Jim constantly as well as for all of you. It is sooo amazing to look into the spiritual realm and see what God is doing! It is awesome to feel the connection with you all and every other brother and sister in the Christ praying for Uncle Jim and the entire family. I know we hardly ever see each other much but you are all close to my heart and always have been. There has always been a special bond with my Uncle Jim, especially when I was a little girl and we got together when I was visiting my dad. I knew he would always be waiting there for me to let me sit on his knee and make me feel special. And Aunt Sue always showing me such special love.
I was in my devotions and God told me,(it was clear as day) to let you all know too, if you can get and listen to the song "Strong Tower" by a christian band named Kutless. It is on their Strong Tower Worship CD which I'm sure you can find pretty easy if you don't already have it. Listen to the song and meditate on the lyrics and hold onto it through this trial you all are going through.It will help give you the strength to get through. I can't imagine how tough this time is. 3 years ago my mom had an aneurism in her brain. She was in a similar state. We did not know if she was going to make it, she was in the hospital forever! She told me the angels came and took her to the Pearly Gates in heaven. She was riding in a fiery chariot, God told her it was not her time. He brought her back, it was a total miracle. Even the doctors said there was no way for her to survive this but by God. She is a walking miracle. He can do the same for Uncle Jim. God loves you guys soooo much and He WILL get you ALL through this. Continue to worship Him no matter how hard it gets. He is in control, He created Uncle Jim and all of us. He will not leave you, His children, forsaken. I love you all dearly. we may not be able to connect in the flesh but we are totally connected in the Holy Spirit! That's just one thing that is so incredible about God. He is such a great Dad.You are all awesome and loved.

Love Michel Maley Willits

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Sue and Family,

You may not know me, but I used to work on your father when he came into the Chiropractic Resource Center. He was such a great person...What a tragedy to hear about his misfortune. He is a very strong (and Ornery) man. He could always make me laugh. I don't know your family personally but I have heard MANY stories. He was soo proud of all of you. If anyone can fight their way through this, he can. Trust in God. He will wrap his arms around Jim and protect him. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Be sure to let him know we are all thinking about him. When he is gets better...let him know that I will come to the house and give him a free and well deserved massage!
Best of luck in the days ahead. We'll be praying.
Melanie Forrer (aka Mel)

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I want you to know your family and father are in my prayers. Jim always graced us with his crazy humor here at Chiropractic Resource Center. He always has great up beat sense of humor and has spoke fondly of his family. I will be keeping up with his progress and praying for him. Rhetta

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Still thinking and praying for Jim and your family often.I still am so shocked that this could even happen to such a loving & devoted family...but, we never know what God has in store for us. May he wrap his loving arms around you all and comfort you in your time of need. "Everything happens for a reason" I truly believe this! We all have points in our life when we take things for granted , and if we listen God lets us know when we need to put things in order, weather we understand at the time or not, HE will shown us the reason . Here on earth or in heaven with our Father.
My love to you all,
Malissa Currington

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Today I was in to see Anna to get my hair cut and what I saw was such a strong woman. Even when things are bad, even when things are hard....she ALWAYS has a smile on her face. She talked about her dad and her family but she was full of hope & love. I can't say that if I was in this situation, I would be as 'put together' as she is. I definetly look up to you :)
Love you like a sis Anna!!

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We are so thankful for your Dad's stable condition and the doctor's hopeful words. We pray that Jim will remain stable this weekend and that Monday's tests will show some improvement. We are also praying that he will open his eyes to see all of you. When my brother was in a coma there was no response for about 2 days, but when he recovered we were amazed at the things he had heard and knew from when he was in the coma. I'm sure Jim senses and knows that all of you are there and loving him. We know Jim is totally in God's care, and with God all things are possible. We pray God will encourage each of you and give you joys and blessings even during these really hard days. You all remain in our loving thoughts and prayers.
Ron and Minda Jones

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Jim's Family,
Just heard from Lynnette today about Jim. We are saying our prayers for strength for your whole family and recovery for Jim.
Walls Family
Susan, Jeff, Korinda and Michael

Jason said...

wish i could be up there with ya...trying to get better so i can tomorrow. i can still pray while sick :) I hope you all stay healthy.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love hearing my children pray for their grandpa. Weston brought tears to my eyes hearing and seeing a 7 year old full of innocence lifting up prayer for his beloved grandpa. And of course, Jackson was praying for grandpa tonight in bed!!!! How happy I am to know the Lord hears the prayers of children!
Love you all-- Nettie

Unknown said...

Hi guys,
We are praying for Jim out here in the Southwest too, Ben told us what had happened. We know Jim has amazing strength physically and spiritually and we'll be keeping up with his recovery.
With Love,
Mitchell & Raquel Geiger

Anonymous said...

Sue and family,
We (and all in our small group) are praying for you and especially for Jim. Thank you so much for having this very effective way of communicating with all of us who want to pray as effectively as possible. We have especially enjoyed the pictures and thinking back over all the fun memories we have of shared history at BH and BCS.
Dale and Mary Kay Siegelin