Monday, February 5, 2007

Notes for dad...

I wanted to give some a chance to write dad. I figured that you could use the comment section to write dad an encouragement note or if you would like to leave him a note of how he may have touched your life, that would be great too...I would love to overwhelm him with this encouragement when his awakes and is able to listen or read! Please use this section to write to him only and not to us! Thanks for taking the time to do this!


Roller coaster ride...

The neurologist came in this afternoon to see where dads progress might be. He stated that although we see dad's eyes, he is still in comma and that he is not responding right now to us. He told us to continue to talk to him but as of right now, he is pretty much in the same state he was in. He also made a statement that recovery time could be anywhere from a month to longer than a year. Basically, we are still one day at a time. They really don't want to give us answers as to what the future may hold, including the immediate future. We will just keep talking to him, and praying that he will come out of comma soon and have a swift recovery.

One last thing, the CT scan from earlier today was improved. His numbers are staying stable with out any Manittol or Dipravin. The nurse did say that today was dad's best day so far. Thats all for now...more tomorrow.....


More Positive!

Last night the nurse continued to drop the sedation and mom was able to see dad open his eyes again for about 35 mins. I came in this morning to talk with the doctor and they want to take him off of his sedation meds all together if he will tolerate it. I got to see his eyes too this morning. He was blinking a little. He still didn't respond to commands from us or the doctor but this could take time. The doctor ordered a CT scan for this morning. Mom is VERY hopeful. Please continue to pray! The question was asked to the doctor" when can we expect to be hopeful and think positively about dad moving out of the critical state?" and his response was, "when you see him out of the ICU!"
After we get the results back from the CT scan, the doctor would like to see dad stable with his numbers being down for 48 hours. We are not sure what this next step is, just that whatever it will be will happen in 48 hours...or Wednesday morning (hopefully). Please continue to pray...with hope..that dad will be able to respond to commands soon (although dad has never been one to take commands :) ) we will try to have an update for you later this evening.