Thursday, February 8, 2007


tonight was a sweet time of prayer. the elders of our church (Blackhawk) came in this evening at 5:30 and prayed with our family at dad's side. it was a precious time of lifting up our requests to the creator of the universe. we are so thankful for all of you and the genuine concern and care that you have shown our family. i spoke with mom after this and she said that she felt refreshed. it was nice to see her spirits up as today and yesterday seemed to be a little more tough than others.
we will continue to boldly approach our Father with reverence on our dad's behalf. thank you for joining us.

same story, hard to deal with....

we are in a really strange phase of this tragedy. as mentioned yesterday, dad needs to get off the ventilator, but they cannot do so because of his broken neck. the doctor told us this morning that even if dad by miracle wakes up today, his throat muscles need a week or two to be able to handle breathing and coughing on his own. we are told that the ventilator lasts 3-4 weeks tops until the body rejects the tube and infection becomes an issue. we are at 3 weeks tomorrow. the doctor says that we have nothing else to do.

so, while dad's numbers are as good as they have ever been, the clock is ticking. this is probably the most helpless we have felt in this entire process. we know that God is big, but frankly, this is hard.

while we are all in constant prayer, we are asking everyone to take some time at 5:30 p.m. EST this evening to approach God and ask for a miracle. our prayer is that dad wakes up enough to respond to commands, and is able to breath and cough on his own. reality of where we are is setting in with all of us, so today is a rough day. thanks again for approaching the Father on our and dad's behalf.