Saturday, February 10, 2007


The pulmonary Dr. came by yesterday and said he will try to wean Jim off the ventilator. He backed off a little yesterday, but today he said he would leave it as is. The plan is to try to get him off next week. Jim has responded to a couple of commands but has slept most of today. It is so hard to be in the "waiting room". We want everything to speed up and get on with improving....but we have also learned a powerful lesson on how precious it is to have one more hour, one more minute....

I have never studied every breath and every muscle movement, as I have since Jim's fall. So many things I took for granted, so many moments I passed by as insignificant. His eye's move and my heart beats faster...his hand moves and I run for the nurse. Why do we think we will always have that. All the energy I've put into everyday chores that are now gone from my life and I could care less.

I know these are not "new" thoughts for anyone who has experienced a trauma, I have had a few of those in my life, also. We lost our son, Donnie, 4 years ago this past week. The loss was huge. But each tragedy or trauma, leaves its own mark and brings its own unique change forever. This is one I have never known or know how to walk. But I have an alter of God's faithfulness in past events to cling to and family and loved ones praying and being God's servants in our lives. How do people survive without this?

There is no way we will ever be able to express our thanks and love to all of you who have walked thru this with us. I am so humbled by it all. But I am going to try. Just know this, from all the Maley family, we are forever grateful for all the prayers, notes, cards, calls, visits, food, and many, many other signs of support and love.

Keep praying and we will keep you updated.