Friday, April 18, 2008

Spring has finally come! With it comes hope, renewal and rememberence.

Hope. Hope for tomorrow and more time to be with loved ones, more time to tell others of our savior, more time to live a life of compassion, more time to make a difference.

Renewal. My heart. New beginnings, personal growth, recommittment to Him, to family & friends, my eargerness to share a smile.

Rememberence. To last year at this time and all God provided. To the many family and friends who gave me hope and renewal when I was stuggling to stand. Rememberence for all I have, more than I will ever need. Rememberence for what is important...and what is not.

Spring is such a gift from God. Can't you just breath it in?

We are doing good. A few new challenges have arrived but...compared to last year, well, no comparison. But, still challenges. If led, please keep Jim in your prayers.

Thank you all. Happy Spring!