Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Updates from the desk of the ICU....

So, I really don't have anything to say, but i know that all of you wait for updates from us each morning and night. Mom just headed to bed and Joe and Kelli just headed over to the house to sleep. I am sitting here listening to a CD that i just made for dad. "Sade"...great music! The nurse said that we can play music in his room for him. "Just no hard rock-n-roll and defiantly no country!" ...that was what Tom the nurse told us.
Dad's numbers are staying stable for the most part. He has a slight fever tonight. His BP is stable. His pulse is a little high (120-125) but the cardiologist seems to think that is due to his brain swelling.
We will see the doctor again tomorrow morning. I will give you more as he gives us more. Continue to write to dad in the post marked "notes for dad".


late morning update...

Sorry this is so late in the morning... ( i started this at 11:00 am...several distractions :) )
We spoke with Dr. Young this morning and he confirmed that the CT scan from yesterday was better. He also made the statement that we are not at "day 1" anymore. This was one of the most positive statements that he has made yet. I know that it sounds strange, but that is a positive thing to be away from "day 1" since we have been at "day 1" for a few weeks now.

We are waiting today on information from the cardiologist and the throat doctor. The cardiologist is going to look at dads heart and tell us why his pulse is so high (110) and if this is hurting him.The throat doctor is going to come up with a way to do the trachiosticpy (sp?) since they cant do the normal. To do it normally, they have to stretch his neck to get it in. Because his neck is broken, they can not do this, so they have to come up with an alternative method. This might bring about some difficulties. So we just wait.

Please take a look at the last post and take some time to jot dad a note of encouragement or let him know how he has impacted your life.

We appreciate your continued prayers and we will keep you posted.

As I was writing this, we had an update from the case manager of the ICU. She was giving us a snapshot of what was to come in the future if dad stays stable. They said that as soon as the stability comes, he will not stay in the ICU...but if he has the ventilator, they can not take him in rehab here at the hospital. That being the case, he would be moved to a facility in the St. Joe hospital that would give him the care until he wakes up and gets off of the vent. Once that happens, then he would be moved back to rehab at the hospital (parkview or Lutheran...our choice)..this could be a long process. I will update you more soon.