Monday, February 5, 2007

Roller coaster ride...

The neurologist came in this afternoon to see where dads progress might be. He stated that although we see dad's eyes, he is still in comma and that he is not responding right now to us. He told us to continue to talk to him but as of right now, he is pretty much in the same state he was in. He also made a statement that recovery time could be anywhere from a month to longer than a year. Basically, we are still one day at a time. They really don't want to give us answers as to what the future may hold, including the immediate future. We will just keep talking to him, and praying that he will come out of comma soon and have a swift recovery.

One last thing, the CT scan from earlier today was improved. His numbers are staying stable with out any Manittol or Dipravin. The nurse did say that today was dad's best day so far. Thats all for now...more tomorrow.....



Anonymous said...

Praise be to God! Just keep praying as many people are all around the world. Positive thoughts, words and prayer!

Anonymous said...

Praying for the best...hang in there, it's the struggles that make you strong..will keep you all in my thoughts & prayers

Beth in AZ

Anonymous said...

Susie and family
I was so so happy to see Jim open his eyes today! It just warmed my heart! Pitter patter! I know this is baby steps, and we will take day by day, but God is good! Hang in there and you are doing great! We are still on our knees -praying- everyday for Jim!!!
Love Nettie

Anonymous said...

Powerful Prayer! Jim opening his eyes is an answer to prayer! :)

John & Tara
ps...Sue, we would of came up on Sat but both of us have the stomach flu. You are in our thoughts daily!

Anonymous said...

We have shared your prayer needs with many...but most of all we continually take Jim to our LORD.

Then we ask the HOLY SPIRIT to tend to the loving family.

Steve and Sheila McFarland

Anonymous said...

tho parts of the updates may be
painful to share, we are all so
very thankful to have them... to know
where you really are in the journey..
we love you and continue to pray from
day one many people talking to
their Jesus about the Maleys :)
all across the country, literally
and as someone mentioned probably
all around the world.... we prayed for you at our couples bible study
tonite, and tomorrow is the day our
church prays for all the prayer requested put in the box from the week end..which included you of course...(in Arizona, love you
guys, steve & helen