Monday, February 5, 2007

Notes for dad...

I wanted to give some a chance to write dad. I figured that you could use the comment section to write dad an encouragement note or if you would like to leave him a note of how he may have touched your life, that would be great too...I would love to overwhelm him with this encouragement when his awakes and is able to listen or read! Please use this section to write to him only and not to us! Thanks for taking the time to do this!



Anonymous said...

I have been reading about your progress. I check the web site a couple of times a day, if not daily. Having you pull through this medical ordeal is a testamony to your strength. All I have to do is pull up in front of my house that you built in the 70's and you come to mind. Keep working at your recovery and do everything the doctors tell you to do. From what I hear you don't like to take orders, but now is a good time to start!! With your strong attitude we all know you will recover with a vengeance. I pray for it.
Terri Babcock

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Anonymous said...


Your family loves you SO much, and Sue especially has been a testimony to us all. Their faithfulness to God through this ordeal is no doubt a direct reflection of what you have instilled in your home as the leader of your family--a home that seeks to please and follow Him. We have been following this blog daily and praying for you continually. May God be glorified through all things!

Dale, Karen, Matthew & Taylor

Anonymous said...


I remember the first day I met you.
A rainy, cold just downright gloomy fall day. Your witness and positive attitude shined like a warm Florida day. You were inspecting our house, and you had a big ol' smile on your face. What a service you did for us that day.
You told the real estate agent what needed to be done, and she didn't like it, but she had it done. One of the next times I saw you was at a Christmas Party, outside smoking a cigar and a big hearty laugh. I look forward to hearing that again, and let me be one of the first ones to get you a fine cigar.

God Bless You. My family and I look forward to seeing you healthy, very soon.

The Gallagher's

Anonymous said...

We have prayed for you and will continue to our church in The Villages Fl named The Chapel are also praying for you. We remember working on the Christmas sets at Blackhawk together and introducing you to Greg and you then bought his mothers house that I believe you still live in. Just wanted to let you know that we care. Pete & Pam Miller

Anonymous said...


I remember you coming out to a house that John and I were looking at purchasing before we were married. You took all the time in the world to explain things to me and do a very thorough inspection. For that, I was very thankful. We've not spent a huge amount of time with you but knowing you and from what your family has told us, you are a GREAT man. We love you. We pray for you daily. The strength and love that your family and friends have for you is abundant. We know you will come out of this smiling and we praise God!! God only gives us what he knows we can handle. Our prayers for you continue daily.
John & Tara Pennington

Anonymous said...

Dear Jim,

We have all been so blessed by the way you have used your gifts to work on the Living Christmas Tree sets through the years. Your work was excellent and you gave your time and materials so generously. We have loved getting to know you better this past year in our small group. You are such a knowledgable, interesting, warm, caring person, and your love for Sue and your family is so evident. We are praying for you daily. Your testimony is continuing even now through your kids. We praise God!
With our love and prayers,
Ron and Minda

Anonymous said...

I was talking with mom & dad the other day and they were telling me that you & Sue were the first ones to invite mom to church with you and that is when she accepted Christ as her Savior...although it COULD have happened at another time...the Lord had it planned that you two would be instrumental in it. I thank you for that! For your boldness to invite her!

I have so many memories of our times with you all at your apt near Hassen times!!

My prayer to you is that the Lord will continue to heal you so that you are able to serve him more and more. Your family has been TREMENDOUS throughout all of proud of their faithfulness to our God!! They've been so strong!

Love and prayers,
Bendi Schwartz

Anonymous said...


You know they say you don't really know how much you love someone until they are taken away from you. I'm not sure I ever believed that as much as I do now.

I love you with all my heart and want so much for you to recover and be the Jim I used to know. Even though we haven't always agreed with each other, you have always been someone I could count on to love me even when I'm unlovable. You have that special quality to see past the covering and love what's underneath. I miss you so much. Please hurry and get better. You can count on me now. I'm here upholding you in prayer, in tears and in faith that you will come back to us.

Love, Patty

Anonymous said...

Grandpa it's kade all i do is think of you.I love you so much.Ihave been praying for you.I have my classes praying for you there are 57 kids and two teachers and they are praying for you to get better it is so hard to think in school because all I do is think of you.I hope you get better because i don't know what we would do without you I love you,KADE

Anonymous said...

Mr. Maley,
I pray for you each day. I love you very much. You are such a great man.
I pray for you to get better so I can bring Isaiah up to see you. Zeek loves you so much. You were a great influence in his life. He said you were like a dad to him. I just pray that you get better real soon.
Amy and Isaiah

Anonymous said...

Hey dad! Its me birdi...I cannot tell you what an incredible ride this has been.I am so ready to see your smiling face again!this has been the HARDEST thing i have had to go through in my life but the kids have seen more of each other than we ever have.( you did say you would like us to spend more time together) :) you have deffinitly brought us much closer. your going to get better dad, just keep working hard, you are the hardest worker that I know!!!I pray everyday that GODS will be done.He knows what that is!! when you get to feeling better we are going to take that walk on the beach in Florida. I love you Dad!! A

Anonymous said...

I know it has been a long time since I have called you that, and having three kids makes it hard to come and see you as much as I should. But, I want you to know that Savannah prays for her "Grandpa Jim" every night, and you and the rest of the family are constantly in my thoughts and prayers. I love you all as though I was part of the family.
I just remember all the wonderful times we had on vacation in Florida,camping and the great talks we use to have just hanging out at the house waiting for Anna to get ready! (sorry Bird, I had too):). You always treated me as if I was one your daughters and I will always love you for that!
You are one of the strongest men I know, and you have passed that strength on to all of your kids. I know you can beat this, and the Lord's will will be done. You are always in my thoughts and prayers!

I Love you DAD!!

Anonymous said...

I don’t know where to begin…I don’t think there are sufficient words for the bond that we have. You NEVER gave up on me, even when there seemed to be no hope. We shared a many “war” stories of our very similar childhoods, and honestly you made me realize I wasn’t the only one who has trudged a long and winding road. As I came home the other night after seeing you I felt my heart literally breaking knowing the last time we talked I should have told you how important you have been in my life and my marriage. You and Sue have loved me and my kids from the beginning without even blinking an eye. Will you ever know how much that meant to me?
I also thought of that old tattered jacket that you wanted me to patch up, but I hadn’t found the time…how unbelievably precious life is. We just don’t know what tomorrow is going to bring. We waste so much time on the things that don’t matter, but they seem to be so important to us now. I look at my kids and my husband everyday knowing the last things I need to say is that I love them and for them to truly know that I do.
You always told me you loved me like your own flesh and blood, and I never doubted that for one second even when I couldn’t understand why my actual blood didn’t. I hope you know how much of an impact that you have had on so many around you…I just want you to wake up and see how truly important you are in all of our lives.
When I look at my husband I see you…you instilled in him a persistence, courage, love, compassion and loyalty. Thank you for that…please wake up to us Jim. We need you, miss you…our lives are not complete right now without your laughter and smile.

I love you with all my heart. My kids need their grandpa Jim…please know that. I pray that God will give us strength, and I know that His will be done not mine. May Jesus wrap His loving arms around you and you feel His love along with the many others that are lifting you up to Him daily.

The following quote is the example of your life...may it be all of ours..

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Anonymous said...

As children of our Savior we know that our Father can bring joy out of sadness , laughter out of pain ,love out of hatred and salvation out of despair. I know these last few years have held so much pain for you and now you are facing the greatest challange of your life, but you are not facing it alone.Our Savior is holding you through it all and lifting you and your family to heights of strength and steadfast courage no earthly measure could attain. I pray each day that this will be the day you awaken to know how very much you are loved and to receive the rare gift of being able to read and hear from so many people what an impact you have had on their lives and how valuable your life on this earth has been and continues to be.
I have a note to myself posted in my office that I read each day. It says: "Continue to do what you know is right and enjoy this ordinary day. You are one day closer to a joyful harvest!"
Well done good and faithful servant. Our Lord has forgiven your sins and rejoices at the joyful harvest you have worked so hard for. May you awaken today and know that without any doubt before you leave this earth you have been fruitful; you are loved, and you have left a legacy that surpasses any earthly value.
Much love,

Anonymous said...

What can I say? It's been so long since we've seen you (the days of Maley & Sons). My cousin Jan told us what happened and I have been checking in every day to see how you are doing. I know this much about you: you are a tough guy and I think you have it in you to come back from this. I hope that is meant to be, because you are obviously surrounded by abundant amounts of love from family and friends. They are not ready to let you go just yet, and that is a powerful thing. Add our (Mike and me) hopes and prayers to theirs, and I pray that you will be able to read this for yourself one of these days.

With love,
Susie Perl

Anonymous said...

Jim, I remember when I met you. We had a business function at our home. Although I was the hostess, I was in terrible back pain, and you saw right through me. You knew the pain and could relate. It was a moment I won't forget. I sobbed knowing that someone actually understood and cared. Now for you, all I can do is pray. Did I actually say that? "All I can do is pray." Wow! The power of prayer and the love of your family is going to blow your socks off when you wake up.
God, I pray that he wakes up.

Love to you and your family, and especially to Sue, of which Ted would not have gotten up the nerve had she not helped him on his way to me.... Peggy

Anonymous said...

Hey Jim:

I'm looking forward to biking by your house this summer and stopping by for a talk and cool glass of H2O! Funny how those seemingly simple things seem so important in life now-- the quick "How are you's" in the church hallways, etc. I'm praying that God will bring you back to full health and that we can enjoy talking again. I know you will read all these notes some day, and be encouraged by them.

Til Summer...

Kevin Roe

Anonymous said...

Hey its Chelsey, your "pumpkin puss"... haha I never realized how much that meant to me when you said it to me.. well that is until now. Even though its just 2 silly words. I miss you so much, and think about you constantly. I miss the way you would pull me in your big hug!

I've been praying for you a lot lately, and I've been giving prayer requsts for you to get well in almost all my classes. I never knew how many people knew you! Everyday almost all my teachers are asking about your progress. Even my friends ask about you! I'm so proud to call you my grandpa!

Haha Grandpa.. a little over a year ago.. me ky and kade stayed the night at your house, and in the morning we were all getting ready for school. Well i had my Blackhawk Christian Lady Braves Basketball sweatshirt on, with my name on the back. Ok well you walk in and your like "Whos Ryan, your boyfriend?" haha well Patty did that to me the other day, and it was good to think of how you did it too!

I remember the last time I saw you, as your normal self, was the night of the Blackhawk game. I came over and hung out with Emily, and we walked down in the basement to find you watching Kill Bill.. haha what a hilarious memory. Well until we kicked you out so we could listen to Thriller! haha ;)

I just want to say i Love you sooo MUCH! and miss you! And i need you to pull through, so i can see you and maybe give you one of my Big hugs! And because i need to hear those 2 silly words again!
Love, Chelsey

Anonymous said...

You would be so proud of how strong your kids have been through this. taking care of day to day things, taking care and giving strength to sue, but being very inspirational to all who have come to visit. It is a weird thing as we come to the hospital to check on you and them and it is almost the opposite effect. I leave more inspried then when I came. The way your family has pulled together to be so strong is a direct reflection of the leader of this family. and I know they are just keeping your spot warm until you resume your spot. I pray you resume that spot soon. The fight you have put up so far is nothing short of amazing, and I know you have alot left. May god give you the strength to continue fighting.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jim!
Though you don't know me personally, I've heard many great things about you! As Kade's father, you and your wife have been wonderful role models and grandparents to my son. Although, I cannot be there for Kade physically in his day to day life (as we live in Columbus, Oh), I have found great comfort knowing that he has had great love and support from the two of you. I cannot thank you enough for that. As I have read all of these loving, remarkable comments written to you... a man with great reverence... you must realize the enormous love you share with all your family and friends. My wife and I will continue to hold you up in our thoughts and prayers, and wish you God's speed in your recovery.

Randy & Leigh Carey

Anonymous said...

Dear Jim,

Ken and I have been praying for you from the moment we heard of your illness.

We have so many good memories of you. We remember working on the Living Christmas Tree with you. We remember you working tirelessly on the drama/musical sets at BCS.

You also have helped us out with so many home remodeling projects and home inspections. You remodeled the shower in our bathroom on Antebellum while we ran off on vacation. You were the one who taught us all about Carpenter Bees and how to repair their damage and get rid of them! (That was on the house we flipped on Winnebego). Then there was the time you helped Ken take out a garage window and replace it with a door when we moved to Cedar Lake Drive.

You are a great friend and a wonderful father. You would be so proud of Sue and your kids. They have stood vigil at your bedside, praying continuously for your healing.

Take care, Jim. Work hard on your therapy. We look forward to hearing good reports of your progress.

Love & Prayers,

Ken and Rosa Liston

PS Last October we moved to 9310 Comfort Court. Hopefully our last move for a long time. When you're up to it, give us a call and come over--no work, just fun. 489-3053!

Anonymous said...

Dear Jim:

We have continued to follow your progress and to pray for your complete recovery since receiving the email note from Andy on Jan. 24th. Throughout this time we have witnessed an outpouring of love from so many individuals that are close to you. Your family has been fantastic, staying close to you and keeping their faith and hope in front for all of us to see. What a witness they are!!! You and I have had several discussions about how important our families are to us, and how much we love them and want the best for them. Just this past May you and I had a long discussion about our roles as father to our kids and grandfather to our grandchildren as we gazed over the Atlantic Ocean from our condo's balcony on the NC Outer Banks. Your words have always meant a great deal to me, and your sharing insights from scripture have helped me to be a stronger father, and husband. I look forward to such discussions on our next vacation together.

You and Sue have visited us at least twice since we moved to upstate NY in 1974. On the first visit you and Sue asked Christ into your lives. Johanna and I have seen tremendous spiritual growth in both of you, and your family, since that night in Rochester. Your last visit was in 1995 in celebration of your 25th wedding anniversary. It would be great if we could celebrate our and your & Sue's 37th wedding anniversaries in May or June. Johanna said we're ready to party once you pick the place.

We love you, and pray for your return to us.
Your friend always,
Joe Gorsuch

Anonymous said...

We have been closely following your progress and praying for you and your family each day. We are vacationing in The Villages, FL for the months of Jan & Feb and heard of your accident. Fortunately, our rental home has a computer and so we have been able to check your blogspot daily to find out how you are doing. Even though we are not there physically with you and your family, we are with you and them in spirit, praying that God would restore you. We are so encouraged to hear that you are responding to your physical therapist and the voices of your grandchildren--and we are trusting that you will soon be reading all these notes from so many who have been touched by your situation and who have been praying for you. May God richly bless and heal you, Jim.
Roxanne & Bill Sandul

Jason said...


I’ve been trying to think of what to write to you that sticks out above all of your traits. I’ve already written about how I feel about "time" or the lack thereof on my other blog. The thing that sticks out about you more than anything is your generosity.

You have lived a life of generosity. We had a series about this in church last year and talked about how a life of generosity involves our time, talent and treasure. This is you. Your life is characterized by this. There are so many things that you have done over the years in a generous fashion that I can barely scratch the surface…..let me name a few: you sacrificed to have four kids go to a Christian school when you really couldn’t afford it; you always had an open door policy at your house --- anyone can come in, no matter what you’ve done and if you need to stay, then you can; you have given countless years to the living Christmas tree set design and construction; you have given countless years to BCS play set design and construction; you have given cars away, clothes away, groceries, money, tools, etc; you have always lent out anything to anyone; you have always helped me with anything and everything at my house including new fences at each place….i know you had to be tired of that :) .

These are just some of the things that I am aware of and I have been out of the house for over 15 years. Dad, you are a model of living a life of generosity. You have touched many lives around you and have really encouraged me.

I love you pops and can’t wait to talk with you again,

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine day, my dearest Jim.

You have been my only Valentine for the last 36 years. This day is to commemorate our love to those we hold the dearest. How can I tell you what I feel? You already know the depth of my love for you.

It's funny, I was looking into your face tonight and wondering if you knew what day it was and what you would say to me. Every day I try to talk to you as if everything is normal, hoping something will make sense or bring a memory to the surface. Sometimes you seem to look at me as if you get it. Other times you stare as if you are living in a world I don't recognize or am part of. It's these times I miss you the most.

Do you have any idea the impact you have had on me or our children, during our lives?

We married as opposites in most every way but saw in each other a need and void, only each other could fill. Jim, you have brought so much strength, perserverance and creativity to my life. You took a shy young girl with fears and lack of an adventure and helped me see there was a whole world out there to experiance. You taught me by example to "ease up a little" and not be so conservative that I missed the fun things of life. Your artistic abilities taught me to envision things with my mind before I saw them develop. I am so proud of your God given talents and abilities.

You're lack of patience, has taught me patience....over and over again. But your willingness to step up and go out of your own comfort to help anyone, anytime has always endeared you to my heart and made me proud to be your wife. Your love and devotion to this family and insistence on remaining strong and tight to one another and teaching our children to be accepting of others difference and limitations has helped all of us pull through the hardest of times. Your children have watched you fall down and get back up, hundreds of times, never giving up. They are all stronger and more courageous because you are their father. Your constant reminder to me and them "not to worry, God is in control" was a constant in our lives. Whenever things, or we, looked hopeless, we walked in faith, not circumstance.

Your steadfast love of God and learning his Word in your own "Jim Maley" fashion has been something to behold. Even when we would disagree, you held fast to living your walk with God in the way your heart told you to. You've rarely been swayed by man. Always an individual.

My dear husband, it is too soon to quit. There is more work to do and more life to live. Thank you for the last 36 years and all the love, time, work and devotion. We may have struggled, but we have come this far. I will be here waiting to celabrate #37.

All my love,

Anonymous said...

Dear Jim:

I worked at AccuTemp with your dear wife, Sue. I have met you a couple of times, but I know a lot about you from working with Sue. I know that you are an awesome husband, father and family man. Sue was always so proud to be your wife. Your family has been amazingly strong during this very difficult time. They have worked extremely hard at keeping all of us informed of your progress. You have instilled in them a wonderful faith in God. I pray that you will make a miraculous recovery.

Ruth Lengacher
AccuTemp Products, Inc.

Anonymous said...

you touched my life and lived by example the type of character i wish to live by and there are so few people who can really make an impact on so many live in such a loving way as i have seen in your own life. I am not good with words but i hope you know my heart through our friendship. God bless you and your family as you get well and take charge of your life and get back on your feet.

yours in Christ

Mark Stier

Anonymous said...

If you are reading this, you are on your way to recovery, thanks be to God! Sally Langas Rang alerted me to your accident. I have been following this site eversince. I pray for your recovery but know that God has His own plan whatever that may be. I have noticed the improvement in your condition and that is encouraging.
Cousin Dave Langas

Anonymous said...

Dear Jim,
We just want you to know how awesome your family is. They have been by your side praying and watching over you every minute of your ideal. I know that your recovery is in large part due to them and also a testimony of the awesome power of prayer. We are so grateful for the way Jason has been keeping us informed as you have been healing, and have been blessed by every tiny improvement.
Please know that you are in our prayers and we are thanking God for you and your family,
Keep fighting, we all need you and the blessings that you bring,
Nick and Ursula