Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sunday Morning

Dad has had a busy week. Once the halo was on this gave room for new things. Everyday his bed is tilted to a sitting position so that he can now look around the room. however dad has been exhausted from the surgery and just having the halo itself so he sleeps most of the time.

On Friday, dad was moved to a chair for 4 hours. Joey brought Blaze to see dad during this time. Blaze was so excited to see dad that he was literally grinning from ear to ear. It's funny to see a dog smile. Blaze licked dads face but at this time there was no reaction from dad. We will continue to try.

Saturday, Dad was awake for about 4 hours. He was having one of his days where he just looked around but really didn't look at anyone that was in the room. He was in an upright position in his bed for about 4 hours as well. He seemed to be watching TV of which I bored him with What Not to Wear like old times. Andy took a movie up last night and watched with Dad as he snoozed in and out.

Dads vitals are all normal, he has been breathing on his own for 3 days now. They removed the ventilator from his room on Friday night. We are all thankful and praise god for this.

Please continue to keep dad in your prayers. Specifically that he will wake up and have knowledge and mobility to move on to rehabilitation. We all know that there is a long road ahead and are ready to take that next step of the journey with dad for recovery.

Rumor has it that he will be moving to a new facility on Monday. We will keep you posted.


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