Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sunday Evening

Again, Dad was sitting up in his bed and awake much of the day. He did not respond much to any one person other then Mom. We brought a DVD that was made on his 63th birthday which had all of the kids, grandkids as well as trips him and mom took together. We played it a couple of times of which Dad would sleep and watch. We would wake him and say "Dad did you see...." and he would open his eyes. I am sure he would say he was watching it all along if he could.

Mom and Kelli went to check out Dads new home at the Select Care Speciality Center inside St. Joseph hospital. There is going to be great changes taking place with this move. Please pray for all of us to have patience, strength and courage to take this next step. Where as Dad had 1 nurse for 2 people, it will now move to 1 nurse for 4 people. There is a rehabilitation area of which Dad will be sent to each day, so here please pray for Dad to have paitence, strength, courage and the will to step it up to the next level. Dad needs to do well enough here to be sent on to the rehabilitation center back at the hospital.



Anonymous said...

I have spent a lifetime taking care of guys who have been where Jim is role as a respiratory therapist. Jim and I, in the past, have had long talks about such a "waiting room" to be in. Many of my friends and colleagues work at Select. They are passionate at what they do....I will continue to pray...


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Anonymous said...

Sue and Family,
I have been following Jim's progress since Merrie called me a few weeks ago with this sad news. Jim and your family have been in my prayers and will contiue to be as he recovers. I must say that I am touched by the strengh, love and commitment I see in this family. Stay close and God bless you all.

Anonymous said...

Sue & Family
We Will be thinking of you.I haven't felt to good the last two
days but I am better now will be down to see Jim when he gets settled. I know he is going to do just fine. Love all of you.
Love Bill & Norene