Thursday, February 15, 2007

I like dads new hair cut...

I know that we said that there was not going to be a new post but i thought i would let you know that dad got a new hair cut! Tom the nurse decided (with the help of mom) that dad didn't look good with a mullet, so Tom got out the clippers and cut his hair; the problem is that the clippers that the hospital use do not have guards. This being is bald! It looks good though!!

Just a reminder that today is the big day...the day that dad gets his trach. This is supposed to happen at 6pm and last an hour or so. We will likely not have an update until later in the evening. Please pray for Dr. Culp and his team as they do the surgery. Pray that God will give the doctors steady hands and the surgery will go well.

Please also continue to pray for endurance. This has been and will be a very long journey. It has been pretty wearing at times and patience can run a little thin...

Praise God that dad has been more active and moving more each day. Earlier we saw some movement out of his right side. There hasn't been much until now. He is also moving fingers more instead of just his hand. I look forward to the day that he really knows that we are in the room!

Thanks again for your continued thoughts and prayers. We will update you as soon as the surgery is over....


Anonymous said...

Still Praying! Thank you for the updates!

Anonymous said...

Praying today for Jim and for the Dr's, as they do the trach. Thanks for the updates here, keeping all in Prayer, we love you, Penny & Jim (Ann G's ohio family)

Anonymous said...

Hi guys!

Just a thought...Andy, I believe dad already knows you all are there!

Will be praying tonight at 6!

Love you all!

Peace of Mind said...

Words cannot express how I am feeling today. I am missing everyone and wishing I am sitting there with you instead of here. My soul is with you all today as we endure another step in the recovery of dad.

Love you all, Kelli

"Be still and know that I am God" Psalm 46

Anonymous said...

Dear Maley's

We are praying for Jim's surgery to go well tonight.

I remember when the head of ICU cut my dad's hair! Your comments sure brought back memories. :)

Thanks again for the time you take to keep us updated.

We appreciate it and will continue to ask our Heavenly Father for a miracle.


Rosa Liston

Anonymous said...

Hi Maley Family,

God is and will continue to give you incredible strength. You are an inpiration to Jim, and all of us. Our Lord is healing him as we speak and guarding him better than any other refuge from a storm.

God Bless, The Gallagher's

Anonymous said...

It is remarkable how strong your family ties are, as well as your faith in the Lord, during these difficult days and nights. This is a strength to be admired, and he does.

Anonymous said...

Hi All
I wanted to personally thank everyone who has visited, brought the Maleys food, sent cards, given money and so much more! We are so thankful and truely blessed by those of you that have stood by us with Jim in the hospital! You have all shown Christ's love through your generosity and love and may God Bless You all! We are truely grateful! Love Lynnette

Anonymous said...

May god's hands Bless the doctor's and Jim tonight. Our thoughts and Prayers are with you.


Anonymous said...

Dear Sue and family,

Nahum 1:7
The Lord is good, a refuge in times of trouble. He cares for those who trust in him.

We know you trust him and we want you to know we love you and continue to pray for a miracle.

God Bless,
Kurt & Marilyn