Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Surgery was a success

For those that may not have heard yet, dad's surgery was a success. There were no complications, and the doctor said that all went as planned. He was even able to go home the next day after surgery. Thank you for you prayers and constant support. Now it is time for recovery. There is pain associated with that, so please pray for comfort and patience --- both for dad and mom :)

Thanks again for the prayers!



Anonymous said...

Thanks Jason for your update :)
Please give our love to your mom and dad.
Steve & Helen

Admin said...

I haven't been back to visit your blog for awhile. I was shocked to hear that your dad needed surgery again.

I will continue to pray for recovery and for your mom. She's quite a woman!

Anonymous said...

Helen, Steve and Joni,
Faithful prayer partners and friends. Thank you for your support and love. Jim continues to heal and move forward. God is always faithful in all ways.