Saturday, February 9, 2008

Hello Everyone!

I have spent the better part of this evening reading post and responses from last year at this time. Memories came flooding back. Wow! I am once again blown away by all our Great God has done for us and thru all of you. I am, again, humbled by the prayers, love and great deads done on behalf of Jim and my family.

I miss communicating with all of you and hearing God's love poured out thru your scripture reminders, words of encouragement and songs of healing. It sounds so selfish to miss what we were given in such abundance.

I was thinking about the celebration of love that this month represents. That word is bantered around easily and for many trite reasons. Yet, God tells us it is the most powerful gifts of all. It can break the hardest resolve, bring a criminal to his knees, heal a broken heart, encourage the faithful and faithless, bring about a miracle.

We, the Maley family, has been part of and witnessed the miracle of love. A year ago today, Jim could not even open his eyes with little prospect of that happening. Tonight, we sat on the couch, shared coffee and ice cream and watched a movie together. This morning we ran to Loew's to pick out a light, stopped to visit Andy and his family. Each night I have the privalege of a hug a kiss good night.

Life is different and to be honest, hard at times. But I need only to return to this blog and reread all the Lord, family and friends have given us to refresh myself and gain strength to face whatever is ahead.

Happy Valentines month to all of you and May Our Great and awesome God continue to bless and keep you.


PS. I've asked Jason and Andy to post some recent pictures and updates, so keep watching. Thanks to all of you who tell me you still check this. You are such faithful prayer warriors.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't seem like it has been ayear. We are home for 2 or 3 days then time to go again. The rds are getting bad. Tell Jim we have not forgot him . And Love him all you. Call us sometime. Love Norene & Bill

Anonymous said...


Thanks for sharing your blog with me. I will be praying for you and Jim. God's love and prayers through others makes a difference. It has for us.

Milton Dykes

Anonymous said...

sorry it has been so long
We are soooo happy for you and your family to be together able to share love and be in each others company
God bless and keep you and give you many years of blessed love and happiness
Mark has asked me to tell you that the Stier family is adding one more to its fold we are due in aug maybe as )

God bless and keep you
the Stier family

Anonymous said...

ooops my last email got cut continue our previous thought,,,
due in aug but may be as early as end of july we are asking for prayer I may be losing my job and already at 3mnth 3wks have benn on bed rest due to complications...we belive in the power of prayer and asking God for bold things we are asking for a healthy little one and a safe delivery...this will be the last pregnancy for us and it means the world to us due to being high risk we knew getting pregnant was a risk but felt led bu God to leave it up to Him, He gave us His answer but now its in His hands to get us the rest of the way, please pray with us.
We will continue to chk in on you and see what the latest is, we are still in AW of Gods Hand on your life and shows us in faith and prayer all things are possble,

God bless
The Stier Family

susie said...

So good to hear from you Stiers, it has been a long time and I've wondered how you are. Congratulations! Gods plan will always come out with blessings. I will pray for a wonderful outcome.

I still want that lasgana recipe. It rocks!

Keep in touch. Sue

Anonymous said...

We have been missing your dad at our Friday mornings. We currently are meeting at Cosmos ( the old Halls )in Cantebury Friday 6am.

Marv is in Florida.

We have continued to pray
Men of God: Marv, Jack, Ken, Don, Steve

Admin said...

It is amazing to me to see the way God has answered prayer for your family.

Thank you for allowing us all to be a part of the journey.