Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Where are the weeks going? We have been home over a month now. Every day, Jim's memory improves. He was retested this week and has doubled his skills from a month ago.

He enjoys the company he has been getting and loves to talk about what he remembers. He is getting a little bored with the routine of his day and needs something more to do but still tires easily.

I am still trying to adjust. Life is busy even though I am not working outside of the home.

I am praying God will show us a way to use and share all that he has done for us.

God Bless,


Lindsay said...


I cannot tell you how happy I am for Jims recovery. He is doing so well and I am so happy that he is able to make it home. I have been following his recovery since the accident happened. I have been and will be keeping your whole family in my prayers. God bless all of you.

Lindsay Olson-Salin Bank

Anonymous said...

Dear Sue, Jim and Family,

Hey! Happy Labor Day Weekend!

We're so thrilled to hear of Jim's continued progress. Praise the LORD!

Just wanted you to know you are in our thoughts and prayers.

Have a wonderful day and weekend.

Thanks for the update.


Rosa and Ken

Anonymous said...

Time sure does fly! I'm so happy that Jim's progress is still moving forward. You both have been such an inspiration, miracles do happen!
I will continue to pray for miracles!


Anonymous said...

Jim and Sue,

Might be coming to Ft Wayne sometime in Sept, mid month. If I do I'll let you know!


Admin said...

Glad to hear of his continued improvement. God is so amazing!

Anonymous said...

It is so amazing to read your messages! Absolutely unbelievable! God is so awesome and is so evident in your lives. Thank you!

We hope to get to see you soon for Bible Study! We'd love it!

Ron and Minda

Anonymous said...

SO glad to hear the progress. Not sure when we will get to FW as we do not like the cold anymore. We will continue to pray for God's work and a steady improvement for Jim and some much needed rest for you Sue.Pete & Pam