Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Another week....

Another week has passed since we returned home and we are settling into a routine. Jim loves being home and in his home. Each day brings back more memories and comfort. He attends speech therapy 3 times a week and will start physical and occupational therapy on Friday.

Monday, we go to the Dr about his neck to see if it has healed. I am asking God for another miracle.

Due to the generosity of a friend from church, I was able to attend the Women of Faith conference last week end. It was a great time of encouragement and joy. God is so good all the time.



Anonymous said...

Dear Jim & Sue:
We know how great it feels to be home, in a comfortable surrounding with family and friends. It is great Jim to hear of continuing progress, and your eagerness to tackle some of the jobs that accumulated over the past 7 months. You will be in our thoughts and prayers on Monday that your neck has healed.

It was so great to spend the afternoon of July 17th with you and your family. It was even more marvelous Jim to see your big smile, and share in a hug.

We love you guys, and hope you'll be able to visit us sometime in the future.

Your friends forever,

Joe & Johanna
Webster, NY

Anonymous said...

Dear Jim, Sue and Family,

What great news to hear that Jim is home.

It sounds as if you've both been very busy keeping the place in ship shape condition. I'm sure it feels good to be "productive" again and to go to bed with a good "tired." For a long time, Jim, your job has been to just rest, do therapy and heal, hasn't it? But following dr's orders is paying off.

Take care. Hope to talk with you soon.

We'll keep praying!


Rosa and Ken

Admin said...

So glad to hear things are humming along for you. And ecstatic to hear you were able to go to the women's conference. I'm sure you needed that time of refreshing!

You continue to be in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Jim and Sue,

I am so glad to hear about the Lord working in wonderful ways with his healing. We hope to catch up with y'all soon. Welcome Home Jim.
You and Sue are great witnesses.
Your children are just as wonderful.

God Bless

The Gallagher's