Wednesday, July 11, 2007

At last. Home!

The long awaited time is here. Six months and four days of hospitals, rehab and much answered prayer. Jim will be coming home to stay on July 23rd!

We can hardly believe it's going to happen. Much preparation for his homecoming will need to take place in the next week. The kids and I will do all we can to make it a smooth transition. I'm a little nervous, but very happy.

To God be the glory for all He has done. I am asking any of you who have faithfully traveled these last six months with us through this blog or otherwise, to consider writing and speaking your heart if God has used this journey to impact you or someone you know in any way. There are so many encouraging events that have taken place that I know it would encourage many others to have hope in difficult or impossible situations or maybe renew their hope in a faithful God.

You have all been arms of hope for our family. I pray I will someday be able to write down the many ways you were used to answer prayer or get us through a difficult day. When I look back to the beginning of this blog and see all of your responses to our prayer request I am so humbled.

Please join us in celebrating Jim's return home by thanking God for his mercies.

Tomorrow we go to Ft Wayne for a consult on Jim's broken neck. We will find out if it has healed or not.

I will update you then.



Anonymous said...

and therefore in may of our lives.
We have all been touched by the
hand of God thru this journey He has
taken your family thru.
Thank you sooo much for sharing
it with us. Will wait anxiously for
the report on the healing of Jim's neck. We love you!
Helen & Steve

Admin said...

How wonderful! I have to say that even though we have never met other than in "blog-land", the journey your family is on has truly touched my heart. I first read of Jim's accident via Paula Moldenhauer's blog. It was definitely a "God" thing, and I have been praying for Jim and your family ever since.

Please keep us updated!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy for your family. You are all such powerful witnesses of Christ. God Bless Y'all. Here are prayers for continued healing.
We serve an awesome Christ.

Jim Gallagher and Family

Anonymous said...

Dear Sue, Jim and Family,

What wonderful long-awaited news!

We will be asking our God to heal Jim's neck without surgery, if possible. We know He will do what is best and that He is fully able to do this.

We continue to hold you close in prayer, thoughts and in our hearts.

Praise the LORD for all He has done!


Ken and Rosa

Anonymous said...

Dear Sue:

How awesome!!! God does answer prayers. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in March, had a double mastectomy and resconstructive surgery in May and I am now back at work. According to all reports, I am cancer free. I know that all the prayers for my health were answered. Even though I haven't written during this time, you and your family have been in my prayers. May God give you strength as you continue along this journey.

Ruth Lengacher

Anonymous said...

Dear Sue & Family,

What a long-awaited celebration! We couldn't be happier for you and rejoice with you. Our Father is, and will always be, victorious in all things. All praise be to Him!

Dale, Karen, Matthew, & Taylor

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord! I am so happy for you guys! That is wonderful. God does answer prayers!!!

Love you,
John & Tara

Anonymous said...

What wonderful news! We pray God will give you the strength to cope with all the details and ease your anxiousness as you make this monumental transition. We pray Jim will make this change easily and that he will continue to improve and gain strength, and we pray for complete healing of his neck without surgery. You have been such a witness to us of how God carries his children through the toughest of times. We thank you for your truthful sharings and for allowing us to pray along the way. We praise and thank God for his miraculous healing and for his daily faithfulness and loving works on your behalf. We'll hope to see you soon!
With love, Ron and Minda