Thursday, June 7, 2007


THE MUCH HATED HALO CAME OFF THIS WEEK END! HOORAY! Jim and I came in from outside on Friday afternoon and the nurse happily announced the Dr was on his way to remove the vest and halo. Jim's neck has mostly healed and he was well enough to go to a neck brace.

It was a great time of celebration. The whole nursing staff gathered around as we watched the Dr disassemble the barbaric contraption. Don't get me wrong, I am very thankful for it, but until you see one up close you have no idea how awful they are. We held our breath(as did Jim) as he slowly unscrewed the bolts from his head and loosened the screws on vest. When the last screw popped, Jim looked at the Dr with the most grateful eyes and said, "Oh, thank you, thank you."

There is only one drawback. The Dr warned that the brace must stay in place a month because the healing is not complete, and ....may not be complete. If it doesn't completely hear, Jim will be facing a neck surgery. He said this is no small surgery. I am also a little concerned with the fact that the neck brack is held on with only velcro. Jim could easily remove it if he gets the notion.

But we will celebrate the moment and praise God.

Jim is one happy person. He is now sporting a hat and regular shirts and a new beard. He truly is looking like his old self.

It is a new turn in the road of recovery and I am so thankful.

I will keep you posted.



Anonymous said...

WOW great we will pray tht the neck braace stays on and that the healing finishes and no more surgery. This has to be feel great to everyone as it is one more stepping stone to getting the old Jim back. Enjoy the moment. P&PMiller

Anonymous said...

You don't know me, I am Lynette's aunt. I wanted to write you and tell you I have been praying for Jim and am rejoicing to hear the progress he has made. I read your blog frequently and have been following the progress. I will continue to pray for Jim's healing. C Workman

Anonymous said...

FANTASTIC!! what a great milestone
to have achieved! We rejoice with
you and hear your new concerns.
thx for great update.
helen & steve

Anonymous said...

Dear Sue, Jim and Family,

What wonderful news!!! We will pray for complete healing of your neck, Jim. We love and serve a great God.

Thanks for sharing your wonderful moment with all of us.

Your fellow prayer warriors,

Ken and Rosa

PS What kind of hat are you sporting,Jim? As you probably remember, Ken is partial to Akubras!

Admin said...

Another significant milestone on the journey. Thank you for sharing it with us!

I will continue to pray that God does complete healing in Jim in every way. And continuing to pray for peace, strength, and patience for all of you who love him so much.

Anonymous said...

Just as you said in your update, celebrate the moment and praise God. Hooray & Goodbye Halo!! We can only imagine how good that must feel to finally have it off. God is faithful and we will continue to pray for all of you. We miss you!

Kurt & Marilyn