Friday, June 15, 2007

Happy Fathers Day

The week went by fast in some respect. Jim had his first outing. He was taken to a restaurant by staff. This was a big step and allowed them to see how he would react to the outside world and all its confusion. He did very well. Although it has caused a slight problem. He no longer cares to be inside the hospital. Depression and frustration encompass each visit I have with him. Going out has made him more aware of missing home and a normal life. Bottom line, he wants to go home.

To complicate this problem further, he had a visit from Hook Rehab, evaluating him for further rehab at their facility here in INdy. The plan is for him to leave the VA the end of the month and go on to there. He, in no way, wants this to happen. Home is his only target. Please pray with us during this change, especially for wisdom to make the right decisions.

Sunday is his birthday as well as Fathers Day. The kids will be coming to celebrate. On a funny note, Jim was very surprised to learn how old he will be! 66 was not what he was thinking.

I hope all of you fathers enjoy your day and count your blessings for the joy of having the gift of children. Praise God for our heavenly Father.



Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jim!!!
Happy fathers day too. I know you will have a good time with your family on Sunday. Wish I could be with you and give you a big birthday hug! Have a wonderful day and enjoy your time together.
Love to you all,

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jim and Happy Father's Day!

We hope you both have a wonderful day. We know that you will enjoy having your family there with you. We will continue to pray, especially for the changes that will be coming again. When we think of him being able to go to a restaurant, it is just almost unbelievable. We are so thankful for the progress he has made. Sue, we're praying for your Mom too. You are in our thoughts and prayers.
Love, Ron and Minda

Anonymous said...

Happy Father's Day and Happy Birthday! Sixty-six seems younger all the time! We just want you to know that we continue to pray for all of you. Thank you so much for the updates - it helps us feel involved in a small way.
In Him - Dale and Mary Kay