Tuesday, May 8, 2007


We were advised yesterday that the halo must stay for another 4 weeks. Dads neck is healing very slowly, it is starting to fuse but has not healed.

Please pray for healing of his neck so that it can come off earlier.

Also pray for the healing of dad's brain that he can move on to the next process it has been a very frustrating week for him.



Anonymous said...

oh, so very sorry to hear that...
but glad you shared it with us...
have been praying more for the
"understanding" to come to his
brain which has been so encouraging,
but will add again the physical
healing of Jim's neck.
am mindful of that grass growing
phrase your mom used...
hang in there, we are all with you
helen & steve

Anonymous said...

Sorry it is going soooo slow but glad that there is progress. As we all know everything goes according to Gods plan and time not ours. We all get frustrated but that is where prayer comes in to make us strong. We will continue to pray for all of you. P&P Miller

Anonymous said...

Hi Maley Family,

You are in our prayers today and this weekend. I wish you a Happy Mother's Day Sue, and to your daughters. You are great witnesses with your loving ways for an awesome Jim Maley.
Please tell him we said hello.


The Gallagher's

Admin said...

Continuing to pray.

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day
Sorry to hear about the halo but it is better to kept it on a little longer than to have something happened. We have been in Wis. this week I will call you Tue. are Wed.Just remember Sue things will get better.We Love You.
Bill and Norene

Anonymous said...

Hello! You are all in our thoughts and prayers. We do hope and pray that Jim's neck will continue to heal. It must seem like the halo has been on forever. We hope that you are adjusting to the new hospital and being in Indy. It's wonderful that you can be with Kelli. Sue, you have been such a steadfast and faithful wife. What a testimony to your kids and all the people around you! We pray this will be a good day for you and Jim.

Love, Ron and Minda