Monday, April 16, 2007

Moved to the 4th floor

Dad has been moved to the rehab floor on the 4th floor. He will begin his grinding rehab at Parkview today, so pray for him to have patience and not to refuse the help. He has his in and out moments of which he justs says "no".

We had a great day yesterday with only a little aggrevation in the middle of the day. We have found that limiting his stimulation to music and a few people at a time works well, although with this there are still those moments. We are praying that getting back into the rehab program today will give dad new perspective and encouragement for his recovery.

Yesterday was an exciting day for me because it's the first time he actually remembered things he did. He spent an hour telling the nurse about all his drawings and photography shots that are in his room. Although his words didn't always make sense, there was enough right words to figure out what he was saying. I just sat there and cried. Later in the day he spoke to others about his time in Germany and Japan. What a blessing to know he has part of himself again. Since I only come on the weekend, he always amazes me with the new steps he has taken.

Continue to pray for his patience and healing. Each day is a new day.



Anonymous said...

Hi All,

Our God is an awesome God ! Please tell JIm we said Hello.
Thanks for sharing encouraging thoughts from your heart and family. Prayers will continue with mighty power delivered by the Holy Spirit.

The Gallagher's

Anonymous said...

GREAT update :)
thank you so much... I have been
praying specifically as in
Job 38:36 that the Lord will give
understanding to the mind of Jim...
I think He is doing just that :)

Admin said...

I can't imagine how hard this is on all of you. Please know you are continually in our prayers, as you take this one day at a time. God is truly working in Jim's life. I pray for strength for you, his family, as you endeavor to walk him through this journey...his marathon to recovery.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear of the progress It has been a long road for all of you we will continue to keep all of you in our prayers. Pete & Pam

Anonymous said...

Just checking in. It's been awhile since I've stopped in to say 'hi' but just know I check this blog continually and pray daily!


Anonymous said...

Bill is in Tn. now should be home this weekend. He said it was real good he was glad that I called him when I was down there Sat, beacause it was so good to hear his brother voice. It made his day. Tell him to kept up the good work, and we love him.We think about all of you all time and I pray everyday that things will be ok. Love
Bill & Norene

Anonymous said...

we will pray for all of you through this new phase you are in and Jims ability to start recovering his memory as well as the willingness to do what is best for himself even if it doesnt make sense to have to stay when he is ready to set out and do his own thing. i cant imagine how he feels so i will pray that God will grant him that gift of understanding and peace ...
all our love the Stiers

Anonymous said...

Thank you for keeping us updated. You are still in our thoughts and prayers daily.

John & Tara (and kids)

Anonymous said...

Good words.