Thursday, April 5, 2007

It's been a rough week. The move to Parkview has been filled with many obstacles and new challenges. The stimulation of the transition seems to have brought on a new phase of Jim's injury and it's not a pleasant one. He's very aggravated and confused. He does not do well when I am not around but has become more mobil. He impulsively gets out of bed, causing much anxiety to the staff and myself. He is not steady on his feet but is getting stronger every day making him harder to navigate. This particular rehab floor does not typically provide sitters for this type of patient so I've needed to stay at the hospital from morning till night, for his safety. After Monday, they were able to secure a nighttime sitter who comes at 11pm till 7am. This has all been extremely hard on Jim. The immediate future plans are up in the air due to paperwork and authorization from pending insurance sources. Please pray that this will be worked out in the near future to help Jim get the best care he needs.

I hate to keep asking for your prayers, but God listens to his people and the need is urgent. Thank you for allowing us to be so open and needy. You are being used by God for great things and a powerful witness to many. Thank you all.



Anonymous said...

Dear Sue, A wise girlfriend once reminded me that by my not sharing a need of mine, I was actually withholding from her the opportunity to be blessed (by helping with that need). Likewise, we feel blessed by getting to pray for you and Jim so please don't stop sharing those needs! We will continue to pray...hang in there. God is good, all the time.

Dale, Karen, Matthew, & Taylor

Anonymous said...

We don't know each other, but I have been following Jim's progress because my husband and I knew him once upon a time. Please don't feel bad about asking for continued prayers. What you're going through now is in some ways much more difficult than it was when the situation was more acute. I know - my first husband suffered a head injury many years ago, and we experienced many of the frustrations you are dealing with now. I'm not a religious person in the conventional sense, but I have great compassion and hope for you and your family, and faith in Jim's ability to recover. I hope you will find comfort and strength in knowing that others are thinking of you and pulling for you, as well as the comfort and strength your religion provides.

Best regards,
Sue Perl

Anonymous said...

Susie Susie... please be assured
your brothers and sisters are literally waiting to know what specifically we can bring before sweet Jesus on your is our
privilige (sp?) to pray for a family
so used by Him....again thank you for letting us walk along side in this latest adventure the Lord has allowed
for you. We love you.
helen & steve

Anonymous said...


Prayers are being said now, and for as often as you will need them.
You are awesome, and your family is thought of often.


The Gallagher's

Ted Garton said...

Sue, I'm sorry I haven't been up since the first few days of Jim's accident. Four days after Jim's accident my father was diagnosed with terminal liver & lung cancer. He and my mother have moved in with Peggy and I to care for him until he goes home. Please stop feeling as though your requests are burdening anyone. We check your website several times a day and use it as a source of inspiration and encouragement. We print and tape your website commnets and requests on our bathroom mirror to remind us that God will never burden us beyond what we can bear, and when burdened He will provide us a way to stand up under it. Finish the race. The Keeper of the end can and is using you in a mighty way. We love you. Ted and Peggy Garton

Anonymous said...

sue (& tribe):

echo to all posted words--it is a blessing and privilege to be able to come alongside you in "real time" thought and prayer when we are unable to be physically near...thank you for being willing to be transparent. thank you for taking the effort to communicate when so much is pressing down on you.

praying psalm 23 amidst...knowing in that in His timing He will make you lie down, hydrate and nourish, allow you rest...claiming His promise that even when you walk in the valley of the shadow of death, you will fear no evil--HE IS WITH YOU. thank you for sharing, friend. you & jim are loved.


Anonymous said...

Sue and Family,

I wish you and yours a blessed Easter !
One of God's many promises fufilled for you and your family.

The Gallagher Family

Anonymous said...

Dear Sue and family,

Once again, thank you for taking the time to post an up-to-date progress report on Jim.

Please, never feel that asking us to pray is a negative thing in our lives. I remember feeling this way some years ago when we were going through a long, hard time, but I think these feelings can come from Satan trying to defeat us. It was during those hard years that I learned the power of praying specifically for our needs and asking others to do the same. We count it a privilege to go before our Father's throne on your behalf.

We love all of you and hope God has continued to make Himself real to you during this Easter season.

We are asking God to help this stage of Jim's recovery pass and that soon you will see some really positive things. It is hard to stand by and watch a loved one suffer and struggle, but we know that they are not alone in their illness. We are asking God to comfort Jim and make His peace known to Jim in a new way.

We are also asking that the details of insurances, etc. would be worked out so Jim's treatment would not be hindered. It's so hard to deal with this type of thing while you are going through such an emotional, heart-wrenching ordeal.

We love you and are standing by you.

Ken and Rosa

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you! Aimee said she saw you this week when Anna was doing her hair. I know this is a difficult time, and my heart aches for you. It is good to know what to pray for, thank you for keeping us all informed.
Much Love,
P.S. Anna, Aimee really likes her hair.