Wednesday, April 25, 2007

changes again.....

the last time we posted, we were planning on the move to Minneapolis. mom had her mind set and was going along with the plan. well, change is the name of the game when it comes to the VA. the VA decided that dad is too far along in the recovery to send him to Minneapolis. they then proceeded to tell us that there was no room for him in the Indianapolis facility --- where he belonged. after some really hard work on kelli's behalf, the VA has agreed to open up a room and move dad down to Indianapolis. this is a rehab facility for brain trauma patients. needless to say, it will be nice to have dad closer to home so we can help with the recovery process. this move will take place tomorrow (april 26th) at 10:00 a.m. please pray for an uneventful ride down there.

mom will be temporarily moving in with kelli since she lives in fishers. i believe that all things happen for a reason....including the closing of the Minnesota door and the opening of the indy door. also, kelli just moved back from arizona a little over a year ago and i am convinced that God brought her here for this whole process with dad.

dad's recovery steps are daily. he has passed all of the milestones that the therapists put in place. he is very determined to get home. we have to continually tell him that we will go home at some point, but not yet.

please pray for the following: 1) the move will go smoothly without much of a setback to dad -- each move has been a little bit difficult. 2) mom will continue to have strength through the process -- it has been very tiring to say the least 3) wisdom in planning future housing arrangements

finally, if you happen to find yourself in the indy area, feel free to stop by the VA hospital and visit with dad. he always likes company (I'm sure mom wouldn't mind it either :) )

thanks for partnering with us in the rehab process.


culps said...

Dear Sue and boys, We stopped by late this evening, about 9:30, and found out about the change of plans, moving to Indy....we pray that this will prove to be the best place for Jim and all of you. He was sweet and in a good mood, and said "bye Bill" as we left...we made it short since it was "quiet down" time for him before the big moving day....we'll be praying. love, Pat and Bill Culp

Anonymous said...

Sue and Family,
We moved to Fishers in August, if there's anything I can do to help, anyone needs a place to stay or you just need a friendly face please call.
317-485-6668 Home
972-898-7912 Cell
I will continue to lift your family up in prayer.

Anonymous said...

We're thankful for your update and the testimony of the Lord's continual going before you.
Your requests are being heard and prayed for.

Anonymous said...

Our God is an awesome God !
Raise your hands and give praise.
When Ann Geiger gave me the good news,I wanted to dance.
You are in our prayers.

The Gallagher family

Anonymous said...

Dear Maleys, I am so greatful Jim is improving. Your early blogs of monitoring pressures in the brain all came rushing back to me as my husbands family and I sat in ICU a week ago. Due to a brain aneurysm my mother-in-law was being monitored. After 8 days of watching her suffer and seeing our family come to the realization that she wasn't recovering, Jesus called her home. Please keep my husband Todd, myself and the rest of his family in your prayers as we prepare for the funeral this week end. Your family is still on our minds and in our prayers. We will keep checking the blog for more updates -- it's amazing to watch God's healing.
Sara (Liston) and Todd Ramsey

Anonymous said...

Wow, we are so thankful that you will get to be in Indy! We pray that Jim's progress will continue daily. We know that you will have a great impact for Christ in the lives of the therapists,staff, and people that you are going to be working with, just as you have in Fort Wayne and all of us who are reading this blog. You are in our prayers and hearts.
Ron and Minda

Anonymous said...

We are praying for you today.

The Gallagher Family