Tuesday, March 27, 2007


It seems the times are getting longer between post and I'm sorry. But the reason is good. Much is going on and we are all busy trying to regroup and make up for lost time, both with our lives and helping Jim each day.

The week-end, and Monday and today has been somewhat eventful. With waking up, Jim is discovering more items to mess with. Like his trach(he decided on Friday to yank it out. Sorry Dr Culp!) Bill Culp had just been so kind to put a shorter one in on Thursday. Fortunately, Joe, our son, was there to help; and fortunately, I wasn't! It was no easy task getting it back in. Mr Independence also decided to try to take a walk on his own and gave the nurse and I a good scare, not to mention aging me more than he already has. He now has a companion to keep him company at night.

Therapy is going fairly well, although he is having a lot of back pain so it's harder to walk for any length of time. His therapy team, Andy, Connie, Toni, Jolyn, Grace and Mike, have immense amounts of patience, skill and compassion. They treat him as they would a family member and we all see their dedication.

We have been able to enjoy a few outings in the courtyard, due to nice weather. I can't imagine how it must feel after being cooped up so long. Jim's smile blesses all of us and he already has most of his nurses wrapped around his finger... in the nicest way.

Jim's halo, for his broken neck, comes equipped with a wrench for emergency. I saw him eyeing it and trying to unscrew a couple of bolts. I forewarned the nurses he has a construction background and they'd better hide the wrench! They took heed. Dr. Young was summoned to make sure Jim didn't make any headway on his de-haloing project.

Yesterday, I walked in as Dr. Young was examining Jim's work on the halo and I pulled him aside to ask when he thought the trach would be safe to come out. "It's out!" he announced. Boy, things happen fast around there. Apparently the pulmonary Dr agreed with Jim and thought it should come out. (Surprise, Bill!) That husband of mine has always been one step ahead of his time.

One more thing to share. I was with him all afternoon on Sunday and he didn't utter a word to me. I was getting ready to walk out the door, said good by as I heard, "Where you going?" I looked back to see Jim smiling.

This truly is a walk of faith and surprises. God is so good.

Love to you all....please keep praying.

For those interested, I sometimes post about our journey on my own blog.


Anonymous said...

God Bless you all and allt he staff who are tending to You and Jim both ... We will stop in soon and see you (so much going on with the kids right now mostly Mac just being 2 3/4 years old) i have to find a babysitter for the boys so we can come and enjoy our time there. All our love and prayers
the Stiers

Anonymous said...

very nice update Susie :)
now that's the Jim we know
and love coming thru :)
helen & steve

Admin said...

Thanks for the great news. Each little improvement is a blessing from God, isn't it?

Continuing to pray...

Anonymous said...

Dear Sue,

It's good to see you still have your sense of humor! : ) We're praising God for Jim's "fiestiness" and for every time he makes you smile.

The Hansen's

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear Jim is acting more and more like himself. Good idea moving all tools out of sight. The staff better keep an eye on him because he might just get up one night and try to remodel their break room!
Love to all of you,