Saturday, March 3, 2007

Reflecting on God's Goodness...

so this morning i was laying in bed thinking back over all of the things God has done through this process. i thought that it would be good to remind everyone, so hopefully you will be encouraged. i am sure that i missed some things, but here's a start:

1) didn't know if dad would make it out of surgery --- he did
2) mom really wanted to see dad's blue eyes again --- she did
3) dad got some weird infection on his hand which the doctors said could be as fatal as the brain injury --- it just "went away"
4) there was a constant fear of high ICP numbers --- it subsided
5) he had a fever for an unknown reason -- went away
6) dad's blood pressure would not be controlled without IV meds --- became completely under control with other meds
7) after making improvement, doctor says "can't do the trach, we have no options" --- Dr. Culp was able to do the trach without any problem
8) we were told that dad was not a candidate to go to the Select Hospital --- out of the blue, they decided that he was a candidate
9) dad had to share a room once he got there with a man that was hard of hearing (his tv was on full volume all the time) --- dad got to be moved to a private room

Well, this is a decent list of problems that have been answered. I am sure that some have been left out. Praise God that he answers prayer. I am encouraged and as this process continues, i am reminded to continue to present my requests to Him because He will answer.


Anonymous said...

AMEN,son...and AMEN! God is good, all the time, and especially in the midst of turmoil. Thanks for reminding us of his progress. The struggle continues to be deep and the progress is still like "watching grass grow", but it is progress. Only He knows the future but I am constantly mindful that His mercies are new EVERY day. Your Dad would be so very proud of each of you kids and grandchildren. The strength, devotion, love and walk of faith you have all exhibited to me and to others inspires me to keep walking the walk, one step at a time. I continually have to give and regive each problem to Him. ("Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your request be made know to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.")Phill.4:6-7

Some day soon, we will all look back on this as God's blessings and personal love letter. "Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see." Hebrews 11:1
Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Jim's name is written on the palm of God's hand. What great love he has for us, and JIM!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for reminding us of answered prayer. It's so easy to get lost in "what's still bad" instead of what's good. We sometimes don't feel that God is answering our prayer for Jim to be completely healed when in reality he is answering every day in the little miracles of healing. We will continue to trust God for each and every blessing he allows us to see in Jim's progress. The journey not the destination is where God grows us. Thank you God for all you've done for Jim and for what you will continue to do in him and us.


Anonymous said...

God is Almighty!! Praise the Lord! Please keep us updated!! Love you guys!
John & Tara

Anonymous said...

Dear Maley's,

My heart echos all of the previous comments in this section.

It's so good and necessary to the building of our faith for us to take a moment and relect upon God's goodness and faithfulness. This is healthy for all of us in every way-- physically and emotionally and spiritually.

Think of how Abraham, Issac and Jacob used to stop and build alters and worship God. They left these in place as a memorial of God's goodness; they explained to their children and future generations about God's goodness to them during a particular time in their past. I think of this blog as a "modern day alter" for all of us. We don't know what the future holds for Jim or any of us, but we know that God has been faithful and answered many of our prayers for Jim. Reading this blog causes us to worship God. Isn't it exciting to think that in the years ahead your children and their children will be able to look back on this journal and learn of God's faithfulness to prior generations. Hopefully it will cause them to believe in God and accept Jesus as their personal Saviour and they will bow down and worship the one true God.

We will continue to pray for Jim and all of you as we wait to see how God answers our requests.

Love, Rosa Liston

Anonymous said...

Today God gave me a verse:

Psalm 103 vs 5 " HE fills my life with good things".

As I was reflecting over the many blessings of my life, HE brought to my mind my brother, Jim.

Tomorrow ( being Tuesday), I return to work after being off for a long rehab after a total knee replacement. Throughout these many days,God has shown HIS love many times.

It seems to me that no matter what we go through, God puts reminders of his goodness into our lives. Even when we are in the depths of despair and fear, we can always find something that illustrates HIS un-ending and unconditional LOVE.

Early this morning, while sitting at the breakfast table with Sheila, I said, " Hear that?!" It was the chirping of a was God's love pouring down encouragement through that chirp chirp( I know...that didn't sound like a Robin..but I tried. ha ha).

In the past months I have seen God's love in the white snow, the blue sky, the sunshine, a friend's smile, taking a step without a limp, not using my cane, being able to walk up steps, walking the garbage to the curb,opening a get well card,an email with a verse and a prayer...

These are not big things...but they have shown HIS love as clearly as if HE had Text Messaged it to my phone.

God fill the whole Maley family with Your things of LOVE

Psalm 103 vs 5

" HE fills my life with good things".

I have remained distanced due to the cold that I have...but not far by prayer.

Thank God for prayer.


Anonymous said...

Mark Stier sends his prayers to you he has been working out of town off and on this week. let us know if you need anything!!!

in Gods love
the Siers

Anonymous said...

Hi Maley Family,

I am traveling this week and encouraged by the faith you have witnessed in your voices and this blog. I am so glad God loves me, and brings special people like you into my life. If we had a mountain in Milwaukee tonight, or in Fort Wayne tomorrow- I would scream praise from it.
I pray for encouragement and continued healing for Jim and for all.

God Bless you my friends,

Jim Gallagher and Family

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord! You and your family is always in our daily thoughts and prayers... so happy to hear that there has been great progress!We can just see Jim asking for kisses "puckering up!" How sweet! Thanks for all the updates, it's so nice to have a window into his daily progress.

Anonymous said...

As people can read the 9 problems that either went away or were solved; each one of the "9" I have to believe were each an opportunity for God to enter into someones life either directly or indirectly, maybe not now but at a later date. Just think about all of the people who have witnessed the support you have received from: family, friends, church, employment, etc... What a wonderful thing the BIG picture is, and if just one more person can see the BIG picture as a result of this event, I believe that his will has been done, but we all know that so many more have witnessed his work, thru your dad.