Tuesday, March 13, 2007

great determination...

Today was very similar to most days at the hospital. Speech and Occupational therapy come in the morning/early afternoon to work with dad and then dad gets a slight break. After dads slight break, Andy(the therapist) begins to work with dad.

When i walked in, dad was sitting at a table with one of the therapist. She was trying to get dad to pull on a plug that is pushed into a hole, pick it up and put it in her hand. Dad was more interested in sleeping. This has been a normal thing in a way. She continued to try to wake him...he would open his eyes for a sec and then fall back to "sleep". He finally grabbed a hold of that plug and pulled it out of the hole....6 times! The therapist was very thrilled with this. When he was done, he rested for about 15 mins and then it was time to get up into his wheelchair and go over to the parallel bars. This is where Andy can lift dad up and dad can support himself on the bars. Dad did this several times and one time while he was standing, the therapist told dad that he could sit now...they even tried to help him sit, but dad was determined to stand. It was the look on his face that "this is killing me, but i am going to get out of here!" He ended up standing for 4 mins. This in itself is a huge task, but it doesn't end there. When they finally got dad sitting in his wheelchair, it was mentioned to dad that he needs to start using his legs and move himself around in the chair. Dad gave another look of determination and started moving his feet as if he was trying to move his wheel chair! This is a huge thing. That meant that he understood what was asked of him. This is great news.

Please pray specifically that dad will get very good rest at night so that he can work during the day and be awake. Please also pray that dad doesn't lose the determination and get discouraged. Be thankful for all of the progress that has been made! We will attempt to update you during the end of the week.


Anonymous said...

Give praises to our wonderful God who makes all things possible. May He also give Jim strength and drive during his healing. May Christ also hold the hands of all of you during this healing. You are an inspiration to many and remind us how special each day is to us.
Your words paint a picture that helps all of us on how we need to pray for you.


The Gallagher Family

Anonymous said...

Praise God!
Our prayers continue.

Anonymous said...

Dear Maley's,

Thanks for the update. PTL! What wonderful progress this is.

We will ask God to give Jim good rest at night so he can do the hard work of therapy during the day.

We are praying for God's Spirit to encourage Jim and give him the strength to endure the days ahead.

May God continue to comfort and bless all of you as you wait.

Love and Prayers,

Ken and Rosa Liston

Anonymous said...

what a great update!

Anonymous said...

Thank the Lord for Jim's progress!! Continuing to pray for all of you!

Debbie Rodenbach Main