Tuesday, February 20, 2007

time for the halo...

tomorrow at 12:30, dad will go to surgery to have his fractured neck fixed. they will be putting a halo on him (a device that keeps your neck from moving that gets screwed into your skull).

there have been little improvements each day and we are thankful for them. we all want things to move faster, faster, faster, but we are often reminded that this process is long and slow. we consider ourselves blessed and fortunate to be as far along as we are.

as dad is being weened off the ventilator and his neck is being set by the halo, he will soon no longer be a candidate for the ICU. we will likely be moving to somewhere else soon, so stay tuned.
on another note, there are several families that haven't been as fortunate as we have in this process. please pray for comfort for the other icu families and that we can help them as they go through this hard time. thanks as always for your prayers and encouragement.


Anonymous said...

I just happened to check the blog
one more time before I turned off the computer and found your note.thank
you so much for taking the time to
update us.
we are thrilled that your precious Jim is still with us and doing amazingly well.God is good :)
will continue to pray for the days ahead.
our love to you
helen & steve

Anonymous said...

Dear Maley's,

We will be praying for Jim as he gets his halo surgery done today.

We will also pray for the other families who are struggling in ICU. I well remember our days spent in ICU with my mom and dad. You almost become a little community while there. It doesn't matter who you are or what you do--the playing field is leveled in that ICU Waiting Room. All of you have someone behind those doors that you care about.

We are also asking God to give you wisdom as you decide where to move Jim for his next step of therapy and healing.

Thanks for sharing the encouraging news!

Love & Prayers,

Rosa and Ken

Anonymous said...

Hi Maleys! Just checking in with love and prayers your way! Sounds like things are looking up! =)

The Amish family in the ICU right now (Schwartz family) is Jonathan's cousin. They are now going down the same road as you guys have went the last month...keep them in your prayers too.

I continue to trust the Lord is working a miracle in Jim's life. May all the glory be to HIM!

Love you all!
Bendi (& Jonathan) Schwartz

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful news! We will be praying for a successful surgery! What an awesome thing that Jim will soon be out of ICU! I wish it was moving faster, but just think of all the strides he's made against the odds. What we think of as a long time is a blink of an eye to God! Continued prayers for all the wonderful Maleys! Aimee