Thursday, February 1, 2007

more bad news.....

Met with Dr. Young this morning and although dads ICP's are hanging in there where they should be which is a good thing, we have a new problem. Dad's temp. is very low right now. It is around 95. They said this is most likely due to infection or "sepsis". This is very severe. They told us that this is just as severe as his ICP level. They are going to run several tests on him to find out where the infection is coming from. Please continue to lift dad up in your prayers. Pray that the doctors will find answers quickly and be able to get the infection under control. Pray for my moms nerves.

I will update you more later...


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Anonymous said...

To Kelli- No amount of words spoken or written would describe the amount of empathy that I have for you and your family. When reading the numerous updates I cried, I smiled and I yearned for the time that you are spending with your father, because you have that opportunity and I did not. Every thought, every move, every prayer spoken and unspoken, know that God is with you and your family and that you have a host of people praying for healing, strength and comfort.

To the rest of the family:
Continue to be strong. Your faith and your love will see you through whatever God has in store. I know Him for myself and I know how he can be a comforter, a healer, your support and your provider.

~LaTisha Johnson
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