Friday, February 16, 2007

friday update..

well, as you know, the trach was put in successfully last night. they have already started weening dad of the vent. they are guessing that he could be off of it in a few days. in case you didn't know, the trach is just another airway to connect the ventilator to; instead of connecting it to the tube that was in his mouth, they now hook it to a small tube that is in his neck.

it looks pretty likely that they will be putting the halo on dad's head next week to fix his broken neck. once this is done, we will be able to move dad around, try to have him sit up, etc.

please pray for the following: first and foremost that dad will start "moving with purpose" consistently. it is important that he is able to participate in the rehabilitation process, and until he is more responsive, he cannot. second, please pray that as time moves on, God grants us wisdom as we have to make constant decisions.

thanks again for lifting us up in prayer. we have been blessed with the world's best support group.


Anonymous said...

Hi Maley Family,

There are people in that hospital evryday day that se you as great witnesses. Many may never tell you in this lifetime, but have faith you are "moving mountains" and Jim is doing the same with the healing hands of our Christ. Our youngest; Grace (2yrs old) today reminded me to pray for "Maley Daddy". I said Mr. Maley and she shook her head.

In our hearts and prayers,

The Gallagher Family

Anonymous said...

We have been rejoicing with the great news,and continue to lift you up in prayer every day! When I updated our daughter this week, she said she is passing the prayer requests on to your alma mater,BCS..your updates are are as much of an encouragement to us and we are to you..all our love and continued prayer support for your great family, the Sommers

Anonymous said...

We visit with you, through this site, at least twice a day. We are so thankful for the surgery on Thursday, and that Jim continues to show signs of responsiveness. We will continue to pray specifically for your requests. We also are rejoicing in God's faithfulness to all of you, and for the wonderful witness that you all are having for Him. When our strength is weak and gone, He holds us and carries us. We are praying that God will continue to hold you in the palm of His hand, and that you will feel His strong sure love for each of you.
You're in our thoughts and prayers,
Ron and Minda

Anonymous said...

The power of prayer is a wonderful thing!! I am glad to come back and see things are going better for jim. The entire Maley family is being prayed for throughout the country and the strength will continue to grow in all of you!!
May God bless you all!!!

Charlene "Gottfried" Daymude

Anonymous said...

Dear Maley's,

What wonderful news! We thank God that Jim is making some progress. We will continue to pray asking God to help Jim become more alert so that his therapy can progress.

I know the waiting is hard; we will ask God to keep giving you His special grace and strength in the days ahead.

Thanks again for the updates.

Much love to all of you,

Rosa and Ken Liston

Anonymous said...

We are praying for you and was asked at church tonight what was happening and they will continue to pray for all of you. It is great that he is responding. Pete & Pam

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Maley,

I'm constantly praying for Mr. Maley and your family throughout the day. All of my friends here at school are praying for you all as well. I hope that you have a wonderful night!!

In Christ,
Hannah Graham