Tuesday, January 30, 2007

rough night....

Its been a rough night. It started around 2 am when i went in to check on my dad. When i went into the room, i noticed that his respiration was off. I believe that they have his machine set at 13 and we was hitting the 30s and the 40s. It seemed as if he was fighting the machine. I also noticed that his ICP was sitting between 20 and 25. I know my dad...i could just tell something wasnt right. I told the nurse, and they told me that they were going to suction his mouth because he had been coughing and take a look at him. I came back out to the waiting room and finally got to sleep about 3:30 am. I was then awoke by the phone in the lounge at about 4:30 by the nurse, telling me that they have had issues with dads ICP all night and they were concerned. They took him to get a CT scan to find out what the problem was and had given him more Mannitol, but the ICP didnt really come down. The doctor came in this morning around 10:15 and was very concerned with his numbers. He said that all they can do right now is continue to give him medications and watch him. The CT scan came back better than it was the other day. They just dont know what is going on. Please continue to pray for dad...pray that his ICP will get and stay below 20. Pray that his fever will go down. Pray that his mind will rest...Pray for my mom. Mom need a "peace that passes all understanding". Thank you for your continued prayer. I will update you later today.



Anonymous said...

My dear sister, nieces and nephews,
I am praying over all of you now; that Jesus will hold you tight and that you will feel His presence in that room. I love you and wish I could still be there to put my arms aound you myself.I pray for wisdom for the doctors and nurses and that answers will come soon.
Much love,

Anonymous said...

Dear Maley Family,

I just wanted you to know you are never far from my thoughts, and consequently are regularly in my prayers. I am so thankful that our Heavenly Father has promised a peace that passes all understanding that will guard our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus! I continue to pray that each of you is distinctly aware of that peace and the love He showers on you from that peace and the practical ways that He reaches you through the hands and feet of His children.

With Love,
Dawn McCrory

Anonymous said...

My dear Sue, Kelli, Jay, Andy, Anna and Joe,

My heart is cryinhg continusouly to the Lord for Jim and you. I want to do something but know there's nothing in my power I can do.
What I do know is that God loves all of you so much that he will accomplish His good will in Jim's life and yours. We are already seeing evidence of His Power and Presence. Hold tightly to Him through these dark days. We love you so much and are standing firmly with you and for you when you don't have the strength.

All our love,

Jim and Patty

Anonymous said...

You all are constantly in my thoughts and prayers. I'm praying for strength for the doctors and nurses as they work on Jim. I'm praying for faith and peace for all of you. I'm praying for strength to get you through the day and night.
In Christ Love,

Anonymous said...

Sue and your entire family have been on mind for several days...now I know why. I just found out about Jim today from my former husband and your cousin, Mike Maley.

I'll start a prayer chain at my church, Pathway, and also lift all of you in my and my family's daily prayers.

In Christian Love,
Kathy Hixson Chairs
Ft. Wyane, IN

Anonymous said...

Sue, Kelli, Jay, Andy, Anna and Joe,

Just wanted to let you know Joe and I are thinking of you continually and hoping you are all holding up as well as you can as well as thinking of Jim and the fight he is fighting to be one with you all again.

Joe and Theresa Jauregui

P.S. Let Kelli know I left Tyler a voicemail.

Anonymous said...

Dear Maley Family,
Thank you for this blog sight and for allowing us to see your strength and faith during these times of trials. The girls & I are praying for you daily and if I forget to mention your name, the girls remind me. Thank you for your example.
Praying hard for you see his eyes,
Jim & Nicole Bell

Anonymous said...

Hey, It's Paul, not that guy anonymous...

I wrote something a long time ago to encourage my airbrush artists in training to keep moving forward, because they would get so frustrated and depressed, and needed encouragement, and part of it went something like this..."with every breath you absorb positive energy. With every exhalation anxiety washes away... God is your friend. He calmly encourages you to move more efficiently with a more relaxed frame of mind. Fear, Aggression, Anger, they are the enemy. Let them go--and laugh, for they only seek to hinder your progress, and laughter drives them away..."

I only thought of this because although it is a time to be serious and concerned, I just don't remember Jim ever NOT being in a great, positive mood. I'm sure right now he is having dreams about how to fix that darn chair...

So keep up the faith, it's working. The force is so strong with your family, that its a wonder you are all not levitating...

Paul (& Rebecca) Harrington

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let all of you know that you are in my thoughts all the time. My little ones keep Jim in their prayers everynight. I pray that God gives you the peace that you need to get through this dark time. Thank you for this blog site so that we can be informed everday on what to pray for.
Love in Christ,
Kim Woods(Schmucker)

Anonymous said...

Sue, Anna and family.
Our thoughts and Prayers are with all of you.
Anna Barile
Domenico Barile

Anonymous said...

Dear Maley Family,
You are all in my constant thoughts and prayers. I can't even begin to imagine what you are going through. From reading your entries, I can see the strength each of you have as well as the support for your Father, Mother and each other. God is good.
You are an amazing family, this just shows it. Keep your eyes on God. I will continue to keep you all in my prayers...
God Bless each of you and your entire family!
In Christ's Love,
Angie Kirkpatrick

Teresa Adams said...

Hi Sue and family - In reading the updates on the blog each day, the journey you are experiencing is familiar to a similar one we experienced in 2003 at Lutheran Hospital with my husband's cousin, Margie.

Margie is a 37 year old quadriplegic who was born with spina bifida. In 1969, there were not a whole lot of options except for experimental surgeries which they performed on her and she was subsequently paralyzed from the waist down.

She wasn't supposed to live beyond 5 years old, but she is still here today, is married and is partially independent living in an apartment behind her childhood home.

Margie continues to be an amazing inspriation to family, friends, doctors, etc... because of the medically i-m-p-o-s-s-i-b-l-e situations she has conquered.

In 2003, she was admitted to Lutheran Hospital for a hernia repair and during the hospital stay many other multiple medical complications started occuring including the blockage of a shunt that had been paced in her brain/spinal column area 30 years ago. As you know, spnal fluid is recirculated by the body but if a shunt is blocked it causes tremendous brain swelling and much pain to the patient. Margie survived multiple surgeries time after time with no medical reason why. She was in the hospital for 5 months and most of this time was not conscious or at least was not the "normal" Margie. When the doctors decided they had no choice but to perform the life and death surgery of removeing the childhood shunt, we were told there was less than 5% chance she would survive because tissues had fused into it after so many years in her body, but there was no choice but to try or she would die anyway. Amazingly, again, she survived.

We were told by the doctor(s) (Dr. Kachman was one who also continued to be amazaed that Margie survived all of these medical procedures)that there really wasn't any hope - they had "done all they could do medically." Margie had suffered some brain damage due to significant swelling on her brain adn they did not know what her quality of life would be, etc.

...Well......today Margie is still alive and is still the feisty little woman who loves to brighten other people's days by cracking jokes, including making fun of her own limitations as though they are no big deal. She is a constant reminder to us that we have very little to complain about considering all of the things we have to be grateful for on a daily basis and also she reminds us that although soemtime we and the doctors think we are "in control", we really are not and circumstances are not always as bad as they seem on the outside even when they seem "hopeless". This really is a true story and I am trying ot get in touch with Margie so she can tell you herself what her journey was like. **Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family constantly.** Hang in there! :-)

Jim Maley said...

Dear Maley family,
We are also Maleys living in Ireland and I am also called Jim. I will pray for Jim and you all, hang in there Sue, God will give you the strength to cope with whatever happens.

God bless you all.
Jim Maley