Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Where are the weeks going? We have been home over a month now. Every day, Jim's memory improves. He was retested this week and has doubled his skills from a month ago.

He enjoys the company he has been getting and loves to talk about what he remembers. He is getting a little bored with the routine of his day and needs something more to do but still tires easily.

I am still trying to adjust. Life is busy even though I am not working outside of the home.

I am praying God will show us a way to use and share all that he has done for us.

God Bless,

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Free at last!

The day has come that Jim has been waiting for. The neck brace has come off! As of today, there is nothing on Jim's body that didn't originally come with it. What a miracle this is.

We went to see Dr Young on Monday and he told Jim he was a miracle. Jim was focused on getting the brace off he didn't grasp the nightmare for which he has returned.

Please celebrate with us and praise God from who all good things come. I also want to publicly thank Dr Young, Dr Culp and all the medical teams, nurses techs support and neurology. Your God given skills and medical wisdom...and caring attitude helped save my husbands life.

Also, Parkview Hospital ICU and their awesome team of nursing staff( Tom, Randy, Linda, Chuck, just to name a few) who helped Jim stay alive during his most critical period. God Bless you.
The wonderful Rehab team at St Joe, Select who helped Jim first learn to walk and talk again. (Andy, Connie, Grace, and his speech therapist. and many more ) You guys should all get paid at the top of your scale. Thank you.
Also, the nursing and rehab staff on the Nursing Care floor and Rehab floor, who saw Jim through his agitated phase. My mind was so lost by then I can't remember all your names but I see your faces and remember your good work. You too, Rhonda. You all took a few blows for the team, literally, so thank you.

In Indy, you guys on the 4th floor Polytrauma unit of the VA, rock!( Can a grandma say that?) Again, there are so many of you I don't want to miss anyone but you know how I feel about you. Laura, Tasha, Mary, Sandy, LeeAnn, Dana, Melody, Darla, Dr Bushbacker, Carlos, Sheri, Vicki, Kathleen. This is where Jims memory begins and he has a special love for each of you. (His girls). You also put up with my much worn down body, mind and emotions. I wouldn't have made it without you. Thank you, thank you.

Finally, Our step home, Hook Rehab. Although we were only there 3 short weeks, this is where Jim learned to start to feel like himself again and gain the final skills to return home. Danielle and all the rest of the rehab helped Jim recall and fine tune his everyday skills enough to return home and try to go on with his life. You are doing a good thing there.

To our new friends at the VA FT Wayne, especially, Diane, speech therapist. Again, we have been blessed with caring and competent people to help us go forward. Thank you.

What a journey. I am tired.

From all the Maley family,

Good night and God bless.


Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Another week....

Another week has passed since we returned home and we are settling into a routine. Jim loves being home and in his home. Each day brings back more memories and comfort. He attends speech therapy 3 times a week and will start physical and occupational therapy on Friday.

Monday, we go to the Dr about his neck to see if it has healed. I am asking God for another miracle.

Due to the generosity of a friend from church, I was able to attend the Women of Faith conference last week end. It was a great time of encouragement and joy. God is so good all the time.